One of you asked, ” If God does not demand justice, why do we all have to die?”

What does death have to do with God’s Humanitarian Justice? Again, absolutely nothing!

Consciousness remains a mystery to the scientific community. At best, they define it as experience or awareness of one’s existence in the physical, not to be confused with brain mind/memory which are physical and related to electrical pulses through synapses between neurons. Human consciousness becomes more aware of the physical through experience. The ultimate loss of consciousness is called death and indicates a termination of this physical experience. That is all they know of it. The rest remains a complete mystery to them.

Even biological scientists admit that consciousness is a mystery and that this loss of consciousness should not happen. Body cells are built for indefinite survival. They have the power to repair, rejuvenate, and destroy whatever may threaten their existence. Yet, their very existence seems to suddenly give in to a virus, a cancer, or some other malady as defined and diagnosed by medical science. It is this sudden (sometimes prolonged by medical science) giving-in that is also a mystery. It just happens, sometimes without a reason that not even an autopsy cannot explain.

Let us assume that medicine’s surgeries and formularies actually do grant a “stay” for the person to experience further consciousness. I think that it may be a “toss up” between that and merely prolonging the inevitable. But then, I speak only of my experience with prostate cancer and the several and frightening treatments and side effects of various medications which supposedly keep it checkmated.

Psychologists define consciousness from their viewpoint of behavior. Since they are seeking a physical change, their explanation does not really solve the mystery either, and yet, a behavioral change is the ultimate result of increased consciousness.

At the risk of sounding too simplistic, I think this consciousness mystery needs no solution. But I do think it is somehow related to our Creator’s image and likeness, not least of all His breath of life and the sense of freedom which it releases within humanity. Since the scientific community needs scientific proof that my theory is viable, it will remain a mystery to them until their consciousness can finally experience it.

I believe human consciousness is just as undefined as is our God, the Great “I Am …,” who never did finish the sentence and who chooses only to be known through His loving mercy and justice without payback punishment! And if He is indeed related to this mysterious consciousness that has the power to release His loving forgiveness and acceptance to our neighbor through our simple every-day encounters with each other, then God does indeed dwell in us and we are His temple as it were. And that also means that He never left us and that the Fall and the punishment concepts are only ancient myths that tend to dehumanize us and delay further development of our consciousness.

This is precisely why I cannot accept death as a punishment from a loving Father-God!

I cannot yet wrap my head around a Big Bang Theory and a Darwinian Theory seems to be dehumanizing in itself. But science does prove that the earth and the universes have been around much, much longer than Christianity’s 6000 year theory. So what does it matter anyway? All I do know is that the little kid was right to say that “God don’t make no junk!”

I believe God created dynamic, developing and changing universes as we see them today; creatures with the potential to adapt to changing environments; and humans with the consciousness to become aware of His gifts of life, and love, and acceptance, and an environment to use to the benefit of themselves and their neighbor. Saying that in one sentence makes it sound as though humans were fast learners when in fact they were not. “Recent” recorded history is proof enough of that. Many still refuse to learn from it. I cannot even imagine how long it took for humans to pass on their personal experience and knowledge during  unrecorded history!

Because “a thousand years is as a day” with our God, He has the patience with His created image to learn to live, and love, and care for a neighbor in need, and develop, and invent, and improve their circumstances – all these “first fruits” (not the really good stuff, but close enough for now) as a result of a growing awareness of the freedom He has granted together with His love and providence for them and an implanted hope for an even better future in His promised Reality.

Just as there is no room for a downhill trajectory of human consciousness, there is also no room for a barbaric payback punishment in this picture. An authentic forgiving justice does not require a payback. God’s justice is authentic. That is why it is restorative. It is not destructive. There is only room for improvement in our treatment of our neighbor and our environment. And there is only room for an understanding, loving, and forgiving God who patiently waits for His likeness to finally “catch on” to His humanitarian justice just as He planned from the beginning. There is no room for an angry sky-god here.

Christianity’s myths of a perfect creation, an evil god opposing a good god, a Fall, punishment, a bloody sacrifice, a hellish judgment for not believing a salvation theory, and a boring existence in heaven all need to be questioned. One has to wonder if Judeans picked these up during their captivity in Persia and passed them on later to Christianity and Islam. Zoroaster, the Persian prophet, and originator of the first known religion, taught almost all of these concepts around 600 B.C., and his religion became the national religion under Darius. It was generally dehumanizing and demanded obedience to a higher authority.

Death is the natural end of this life. No more. No less. It has “no sting” because of God’s promise to Abraham and his children that He would bring them home to His Reality. So he, like others after him were “gathered to their fathers” into God’s Reality. Some died of old age, some of illness, some in war, some “in the strength of their years” with neither an illness nor old age. Maybe it is just God deciding, “OK. Enough of this trying with too much failing for you. Let’s go home and get to doing so that you will be encouraged through more success.”

There really is no need to describe this natural progression into God’s Reality in any other terms, nor is there any reason to explain why it occurs. It just happens, and there certainly is no reason to fear it as a punishment!

There is no reason to attempt a description of God’s Reality either. I happen to think of it as having a party atmosphere, because given the development of the human consciousness, I also look for further and endless development in all areas of our unique and very individual potential as images of God. Hence the anticipated celebrations following each new revelation and accomplishment of family members.

In the meantime, just remember that our Creator God knows what we are made of, accepts us as we are, loves us as a Dear Father, and patiently waits for our consciousness to come home and develop further without the distractions that can temporarily slow us down in this “practice” life. Call this God’s experiment if you wish.

God bless you and bring you His peace!

~ Henry (Hank) Hasse, May 18, 2010

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