Concerning God

My Canadian friend, Wendell Krossa, wrote the following concerning God:

“Sometimes I think that whatever it was the ancients thought was God, was something of an entirely different character. What that was I do not know. But it seems 3000-4000 years ago (maybe longer?) there was some nasty business going on that lives on in our myths of human culture.

“Many today see God as some sort of magician who waved a magic wand in 6 days, and who sometimes gets really annoyed at us and visits various evils upon us. This “God” is one who must be placated, beseeched, prostrated before, and before whom many walk on their knees in penance, whip their backs with chains, and inflict various of pains up on the flesh for. They kill for this God. They think they are his soldiers. But He needs no Army.

“Michael Morwood speaks of God as being the source of all being. And for me that was a great insight. This “Source of All Being” must be by definition be full of love and compassion – especially considering what these humans do in his name or in defiance of love. And still in spite of that, when we die, there’s God in His loving acceptance giving comfort.

“And that’s the vision of God I see Jesus bringing forward into humanity. Love your neighbor and your enemy, for they too are in the Source of All Being, God. How God transmutes that evil behavior is real marvel of God – and we see it all the time – no human being is beyond redemption. When we love human beings we show love to God for all are one in God.

“God is an organism at a level of complexity we simply can’t comprehend…” […until we get an unexpected hug or favor from another human. ~hh]

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