What I have become…

 I suppose I would  be considered “liberal” or “radical” while being compared with the religious mythology adopted and taught by Christianity for 2000 years (salvation via penal substitution). Actually, Jesus was considered to be the same by the religious leaders. He would not have been a good Christian either. He challenged and refused to be bound by traditional religious forms, scriptures, and religious laws that had been around for about the same length of time. Why? Because they oppressed people.

And remember, added to those old formulas were the mythologies that the priesthood had learned from Zoroastrianism during their captivity in Persia (heaven, hell, battle between good and evil gods, resurrection, an apocalyptic end of the world, etc. – still more oppressive ideology.) I wonder how many Christians are really aware of that history behind many of their beliefs!

Like Jesus, several OT prophets had also complained about the priests leaving out the Creator’s scandalous message of love and forgiveness and acceptance, all which proclaimed salvation from the tyranny of punishment, sacrifice, and death. The good news is that this comforting message can still be found hiding in the Moses scriptures (the story of Jacob’s homecoming surprise from his cheated brother Esau who showed him the forgiving face of God, the story of Joseph’s brothers surprised by Joseph’s acceptance and forgiving love in spite of having sold him into slavery, the Exodus of slaves out of Egypt loaded down with all they could carry or herd, etc.), also found in David’s poetic songs, and, as I mentioned, in the scriptures of the complaining prophets. Then there are Jesus’ stories, replete with the same message (the generous Sower, the generous land Owner, the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal’s Father, etc.) Just search and find them. Then have the ears to hear what they teach. Love one another as the Father loves you.

Politically, I find myself backing those who support our Constitutional Republic which is a government of laws that control government from infringing on the Creator’s gifts to a liberated people, namely, the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government has not given these rights to the people! The Creator has! Government must leave them untouched and should only be about their business of protecting us and our sacred rights from our enemies.

The confusion begins when the government begins to think and sound and act as if it is human with human attributes. The Creator has not given the government any rights to be our nanny. It is NOT their job to be humanly; that is, mercy to the evil doer is not their job. Punishment is.

I Think that is why Jesus told his followers to settle out of court, because the  justice of the court is unlike the Father’s.

My son, Jonathan,  adds his appropriate comment:

“…whether the topic is religion or politics, ideology leads to totalitarianism, and that in all cases throughout history those in power seek to destroy everything that has a little bit of God in it because they know they cannot have power and dominion over the people if the people are self reliant.  (Liberty under God!- hh) .  However, the other nugget that should be obvious here is that unlike ideology which leads to the same place in context of both religion and politics, liberalism leads to opposite ends of the good-versus-evil spectrum in that religious liberalism leads to God’s Freedom while political liberalism leads to the destruction of it.”

Well said, Jonathan!

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Compelled to Challenge

Once again, my Australian friend and mentor, Robert D. Brinsmead, says it much better than I could. Just as Jesus challenged the religious establishment of his day, we are compelled to do likewise. For all the reasons cited in my previous posts, I hereby challenge Christianity’s purpose behind their “holy week.” Rather, I would hope that you might put them all aside and think about how the “resurrection” is your own, TODAY, and how it changes your life, TODAY, and how the scandal of the  known near death experience (NDE) by-passes all the religious formulas. ~ Henry Hasse; April 17, 2011

UNDERSTANDING  TRAGEDY   http://www.greatnewstory.com/  3/18/2011

The “God with us” of Christianity turns out to be a very qualified, very exclusive, and not at all an unconditional kind of “with us.” There is a Christian theology which quite explicitly says, “If you don’t listen to us you are condemned already and God will punish you severely.”

Human psychology is such that you can’t say stuff like that without ending up wishing, Jonah-like, that God will punish them or even thinking that the church/state system should start the punishing process in the here and now. But even if we remain pacifists, we can’t talk this New Testament talk without thinking ill of certain people because they don’t believe what we believe. The New Testament says “Have nothing to do with them,” and “don’t give them any hospitality or wish them God’s goodwill.” Well, that’s a bit better than Moses who says they should be taken out and stoned to death if they err from right teaching.

Even Paul in the letter to the Thessalonians loses patience with the Jews who don’t listen to him and so he starts damning them in bitter words. The fourth Gospel does this as an almost central theme. John’s gospel is atrociously antisemitic, and this is now universally acknowledged and regretted.

Luther started out with warm thoughts and hopes for the Jews, opining that if they had been treated better, they would surely respond to the gospel. When they proved to be recalcitrant to his evangelical overtures, he raved and cursed them bitterly and thereby must share the blame of the Holocaust. His rage against the Jews is nothing short of outrageously inhuman.

 Even the earliest Christians beat people over the head with intellectual and spiritual thuggery – to put it bluntly, if you believe what we tell you, you will have all these wonderful things like God’s acceptance and eternal life of happiness to boot, and if you don’t listen to us and believe what we tell you, God is going to belt the hell, not out of you but into you – and don’t tell me that some of them did not believe in an eternal Celestial Torturer, because the plain fact is that some New Testament writers did – no matter how Annihilationists squirm around and try to explain away passages such as “the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever.”

So indeed, this Christian theology is bound up with the intellectual thuggery and bribery of making offers that people find difficult to refuse, even on the grounds of good fire insurance. Fundamentalists want to gloss over this pornographic religious stuff as if it hardly existed and refuses to see why the Christian religion became the most bloodletting regime in religious history.

The poor Muslims have just not caught up with the spirit of the Enlightenment and Liberalism that swept Christian culture with a more humanizing spirit. This enlightenment did not come from more Bible study I can assure you.

 Father Tim Moyle, the Catholic priest, who wrote the article, “Where is God in the wake of all the world’s misery”, poor guy, saddled with his original sin story thinks that this atrocious religious myth may in some way explain the pain and suffering of the world. This is part and parcel of the doctrine of blood atonement and savagery of hell reserved for the most of mankind who are left out of the comforts of “God with us.”

His God is someone who not just sentences Eve to banishment from Paradise (direct access to God) and death because of her naive and innocent human curiosity, but sentences a thousand generations of her children to a cursed planet AND her sex to pain in childbearing and subjection to male domination (because she was the first who sinned, a la the Timothy letter supposedly but not actually written by Paul), and must be so ashamed of her sex that she must be silent in church, must not be in any teaching role, but must confine her questions to her husband at home, etc., etc.

Do I hate all these good Christian teachings? To borrow words from the Psalmist, “You bet I do! I hate them with perfect hatred.” With Jefferson I say, “It would be more pardonable to believe in no God at all than to believe the atrocious teaching of the Christian theologians.”

I write my diatribe against religion with a big smile on my face just as Jesus told outrageous stories that poked fun at the religious establishment; not with an ugly scowl, but with a big smile on his face.

Comments from Bill Ferguson:

….If you take the Hell doctrines seriously, I don’t think you can help but come up with some pretty screwed up ideas of what God is….

Humanity got off track sometime before Egypt became a nation. The great priesthoods of Egypt encompassed not only religion but also the technology of its time. Kings were surrounded by them, and scarcely given time to think on their own and certainly never beyond earshot of cabal that truly ran things in the various empires. One adopted Royal becomes a priest over the Israelite slaves and before you know it the system of priesthoods is carried away north, along with a couple cross pollinations with Babylon beliefs during exile.

We come into Jesus time, one man’s independent thinking poses such challenge to the existing power structures they constantly seek ways to murder him. Murder, slander, and shunning never seems far from the priestly toolbox. The priests had cut their piece of the Judaic pie under Roman occupation in exchange for being left in power – and for the most part that served Roman interests to leave it intact.

Later the emerging Christian sects are seen as a way of uniting Rome, and the State moves in with full force to co-opt the faith and produce its own cannon of books, while burning libraries of other texts in Alexandria Egypt and other libraries of scrolls in Greece. The great Roman wars with the Vandals and Visigoth “barbarians” were in fact a war between two Christian sects. War between one Christian country and another is the legacy of Europe….

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Growth of Self

Written By: Julia Tyack – Notes on The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes 1976-82. Houghton and Mifflin Co. Boston.

Bicameral nations were susceptible to collapse because of their inherent fragility (a weaker god). Volcanic eruptions and major upheavals caused mass migrations; the rise of Assyria, warring its way towards Egypt and Mesopotamia, forming a very different kind of empire from any the world had seen before.

By this time the great transilience in mentality had occurred. Man had become conscious of himself and his world. Once consciousness was established, there are quite different reasons why it was so successful and why it spreads to other bicameral peoples.

In Mesopotamia the mighty themes of religion are sounded for the first times (about 1230 B.C.) The gods had left; they were offended; nature punished by misfortunes, creating the need to repent in order for the gods to return.

Prayers only become prominent after the disappearance of the bicameral mind. During the period between the weakening of the bicameral control and the rise of religion in the 4th and 5th century B.C., we find the rise of the oracle and all sorts of divination

Evil spirits were invented to explain incorrect messages at first.

Judaism develops while in Persia under the influence of Zoroastrianism.

The origin of angels
Demons and protection against
A new heaven

A hell

And the influence of the Greeks on Judaism:

Justice is a phenomenon only of consciousness.
The soul or ghost that goes to Hades
Doctrine of transmigration after death
Introspection of Socrates to Aristotle and from here to Hebrew, Alexandrian thought
History will never be the same again.

Finally, there was an attempted reformation of Judaism by Jesus, which could be construed as a necessary new “religion” for conscious rather than bicameral men. Even then, the history of Christianity cannot remain true to its originator.

Another summary from another searcher:

Every generation has been on a search to find the ‘absent God’; aware that in their secret depth of being, they were separated from the source of life. Generation after generation posed, man’s brain was evolving, the voices of past generations fading. Self consciousness was breaking up the darkness of the past. On every continent religions arose to seek and understand God. In the first century Jesus came on the scene, excitedly aware of the insight that no one being, however holy, could express the unique image of the infinite being of God. ‘God is with us and in us’ was his message, but who could grasp it? God is reflected in everyone’s search for Him/Her; the longing to know is God’s own longing to be known. Therefore Jesus said, ‘Mentonia’, change your imagination. God is not up in the distant heavens, but right here among the human race. Not one incarnation of one ‘holy’ man, but God in all of humankind, men and women (women are the representatives of the female Sophia, an attribute of God.) No one, not even the whole of creation can express the infinite reality of this mystery. Jesus said, God’s blessings fall on us all. Look around you and see God’s kingdom spread out before us. See it in the Samaritan rescuing the stricken man; in the lost coin; the pearl of great price; the master of the vineyard paying his workers; the lily of the field; the father’s acceptance of the prodigal; see it in every human face.

Humanity is the temple for the presence of God, giving unique expression to some aspect of this reality. Millions of people expressing the infinite Mystery of Being! Not one incarnation but the incarnation of God in the whole human race.

Shared here from http://www.greatnewstory.com/

April 16, 2011 ~ Henry Haase

My, how religions have failed us! Their emphasis is vertical, toward God, toward heaven. Jesus discovered and taught that our emphasis, our real consciousness, is horizontal, finding God all around us, in his creation and especially in each other, yes, even in ourselves. To see ourselves as God sees us is the answer. Knowing that he will never leave us or forsake us – because we are a piece of himself, each a unique piece of his image, created to show him off, in spite of what we are made of, and in spite of our sometimes behavior, now THAT is self finally growing up and participating in his reality. – hh

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