What I have become…

 I suppose I would  be considered “liberal” or “radical” while being compared with the religious mythology adopted and taught by Christianity for 2000 years (salvation via penal substitution). Actually, Jesus was considered to be the same by the religious leaders. He would not have been a good Christian either. He challenged and refused to be bound by traditional religious forms, scriptures, and religious laws that had been around for about the same length of time. Why? Because they oppressed people.

And remember, added to those old formulas were the mythologies that the priesthood had learned from Zoroastrianism during their captivity in Persia (heaven, hell, battle between good and evil gods, resurrection, an apocalyptic end of the world, etc. – still more oppressive ideology.) I wonder how many Christians are really aware of that history behind many of their beliefs!

Like Jesus, several OT prophets had also complained about the priests leaving out the Creator’s scandalous message of love and forgiveness and acceptance, all which proclaimed salvation from the tyranny of punishment, sacrifice, and death. The good news is that this comforting message can still be found hiding in the Moses scriptures (the story of Jacob’s homecoming surprise from his cheated brother Esau who showed him the forgiving face of God, the story of Joseph’s brothers surprised by Joseph’s acceptance and forgiving love in spite of having sold him into slavery, the Exodus of slaves out of Egypt loaded down with all they could carry or herd, etc.), also found in David’s poetic songs, and, as I mentioned, in the scriptures of the complaining prophets. Then there are Jesus’ stories, replete with the same message (the generous Sower, the generous land Owner, the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal’s Father, etc.) Just search and find them. Then have the ears to hear what they teach. Love one another as the Father loves you.

Politically, I find myself backing those who support our Constitutional Republic which is a government of laws that control government from infringing on the Creator’s gifts to a liberated people, namely, the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government has not given these rights to the people! The Creator has! Government must leave them untouched and should only be about their business of protecting us and our sacred rights from our enemies.

The confusion begins when the government begins to think and sound and act as if it is human with human attributes. The Creator has not given the government any rights to be our nanny. It is NOT their job to be humanly; that is, mercy to the evil doer is not their job. Punishment is.

I Think that is why Jesus told his followers to settle out of court, because the  justice of the court is unlike the Father’s.

My son, Jonathan,  adds his appropriate comment:

“…whether the topic is religion or politics, ideology leads to totalitarianism, and that in all cases throughout history those in power seek to destroy everything that has a little bit of God in it because they know they cannot have power and dominion over the people if the people are self reliant.  (Liberty under God!- hh) .  However, the other nugget that should be obvious here is that unlike ideology which leads to the same place in context of both religion and politics, liberalism leads to opposite ends of the good-versus-evil spectrum in that religious liberalism leads to God’s Freedom while political liberalism leads to the destruction of it.”

Well said, Jonathan!

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