A Love Story

Part I

Long, long ago, a dream began to take shape. It was Abba’s dream.

Can you even imagine when there was no time and no place? When there was emptiness without end? – But there was an Entity filled with Love that had always been and will always be.

This is the story of that loving Entity, a story with a beginning because none can tell of its existence before the beginning of this story. One can only imagine that it existed before this story began. But one will surely come to see its presence in all that surrounds us.

As the Spirit of such Love moved across the emptiness and darkness, it had a dream. It dreamed about sharing just a wee bit of its endless Love. To do that meant that it needed to be creative, a thoughtful process coming from itself. It would give some of itself and expect nothing in return. And so Abba’s dream began to take shape, first in the idea and then in the Reality of Abba’s existence.

One creative act led to another. Who knows which act came into being first? And who knows how Abba actually called together the ideas and formed them into a part of the Reality of Abba. One can only imagine because no one was there to see it. But when the creative work was finished, it must have felt good to have given of itself. I can imagine the loving Entity stepping back, looking over its work, smiling, and saying, “Yes! Awesome job! Well done!”

(As you have already noticed, I am convinced that the things we see around us today in deep space, in deep oceans, across the land, and in the sky, under microscopes and through telescopes, inside our bodies and in museums are indeed a wonder. The results of these creative acts are so marvelous and ordered that they leave little doubt for me about a Supreme Being’s design and handiwork. To suggest otherwise, especially to say that all their intricate features came about on their own, without such a great design plan, seems laughable to me.) But back to the story of Abba.

This is the risky part of the story. Abba gave the entire creation an instinct to adapt to natural changes within its surroundings. (We have finally learned that galaxies and planets and stars are attracted to each other and can sometimes cause natural changes due to their gravitational attraction or bursts of energy. Unlike other areas of our galaxy, the planets in our solar system appear to remain just the right distance away from each other and effect each other only slightly. Interesting. But others have crashed into each other and pieces of their debris occasionally come close enough to either burn up in our atmosphere or slam into the surface of our planet causing local devastation.  I am not a scientist so I can only depend on what modern science has learned and take sensible precautions based on their predictions. This is only one example of what I mean about Abba daring to risk creating an ongoing, expanding universe(s) for us to study and learn about. Love does not expect us to be inactive idiots when faced with the challenge of natural changes in our environment. And that includes climate changes, weather changes, and volcanic and earthquake changes which are all very natural.)

Both of Abba’s unique images which were a part of the Entity itself and which complemented each other as male and female humans were given the capacity and the freedom to learn all they could. Something like Abba, they had ideas to think about and use creatively. This is one thing that made them different from all the other creatures. They began to learn about their surroundings and how the creation given to them could be used to their benefit. They especially began learning about themselves and the Love that gave them life and lived within them. They had the freedom to choose to do loving things for each other, speak kindly to each other, and love each other just as their loving Creator had done to them.

The most important thing for them to learn was that they could always depend upon and trust their Creator’s love for them, especially since Love’s Spirit lived in them. It was another thing that made them so special among all other creatures. Love does not live in the sky. Love’s home and Reality is in us and around us. When humans finally catch on to this, they stop looking for Abba vertically because they have found him horizontally.

The risk that Love took was giving its images the freedom to choose what to learn. Freedom is the most important trait of Love. Love did not run their lives. Love did not create puppets. Unlike another ancient story, Love made no demands. Love required nothing in return for what it gave. Love gives and expects nothing. Such are the ways of Abba.

The end of this part of the story was that Love’s images did choose a different path. And it made a huge difference for them. The path they chose was one that led to doing and saying unloving things to each other. Worse, it led them to fear. They became afraid of punishment and death and afraid that Love would leave them and forsake them. These fears became humanity’s greatest fears until they become convinced by Abba’s comforting message to them.

It would be more difficult to trust and depend upon their Creator’s love for them. It would be more difficult to see the open, forgiving, and accepting arms of Love waiting to welcome them back from the path they had chosen to follow. It was a challenge to overcome their mistrust and doubts and unloving behavior and to understand that even though they had changed, Love had not changed at all. Love still required nothing of them. In fact, now Love gave them even more. Love forgave them and accepted them as they were, with all their unloving behavior. And most important of all, Love never left them in spite of their fears and behavior. Love did not forsake them!

Abba blessed his human family. It grew larger but family members who did not trust Abba’s love for them and treat each other as they had been treated did unloving things to each other. So humans began to make laws and to punish disobedient humans instead of forgiving them as Abba would do. They did not have Abba’s patience. This became their way of justice. It saddened Abba to see humans do these unloving things to each other. What they were doing, that is, both the unloving thing done and the punishment for for doing it, were unjust compared to his idea of justice. They had merely piled one injustice on top of another injustice. And forcing obedience through the fear of punishment did not result in genuine loving behavior. It was a fake.

(I use the pronoun “his” only because humans had not yet learned to trust the Entity of Love as their loving “Abba” or “Father.” That would take a while longer. And it would take lots of patience, and many more acts of loving kindness, kept promises, examples of unconditional forgiveness, and saving acts from tyranny – in other words, lots of loving – for humans to catch Abba’s Spirit of Love and begin to change their ways.)

Abba’s way of justice is to forgive as often as it takes to get humans to catch on to his Spirit of Love. And his way of justice is to accept humans as they are, that is, as they had chosen to become. Most important of all, he does his way without any threat of punishment. His way does not depend upon fear to bring on a change of behavior. Fear and the threat of punishment are used by humans to force a change of behavior, but not by Abba! We will be learning much more of Abba’s way in his story of Love within humanity.

Abba’s way of justice would be the creative way to get humans to choose another path, a path of Love. No punishment, no oppression, no tyranny, no payback, no threats, no sacrifice. Only love and patience and generous forgiveness and acceptance for prodigal behavior! It was his decision to wait for them to join his Reality, even if they had to pass through death and into his loving arms before they were finally convinced of his love for them. Either now, already, or later, after death, humans would finally come to understand Abba‘s love for them and be surprised and amazed by it. So great is his love for humanity which he chose to be a part of! And so different is his way of justice from human justice! Later, he would call his way a “new thing” when compared to the (in)justice of humans.

The story of this Love that chose to live among humans continues next time.

 ~ Henry Hasse, 5/28/2011

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One More Time – From the Top

Some of you may think that I am repeating myself. Perhaps so. These are hard sayings – hard only because they are like new wine which cannot use old wineskins. We need to wake up to a new day of Love!

Typical unjust behavior will attempt to correct me with many scriptures. But I was encouraged to hear a friend say that “it is difficult for people to be neighborly when they are trying so hard to be saved”  – or save me.

Our consciousness of the Supreme Creative Love needs to be set free from “Holy” scriptures and see them as mere human writings. Some already question the Persian/Hebrew concept of “hell.” Now it’s time to question the ancient Shaman’s mythology of the “fall” as well.

Just see the Supreme Entity of Love as being daring enough to display its creativity through orderly and evolving universes and then limitless organisms and creatures thriving safely on this earth, just the right distance from its sun.

Especially see such an endless Love incarnating itself in all of humanity and patiently waiting for consciousness to discover on its own how generous such a Love is to have given it life. Sustaining that life is another matter because it involves allowing for choices. And poor choices can quickly discourage the growth of consciousness. Love takes this risk because freedom is the basis of Love. Love requires nothing. Love only gives freely and forgives unconditionally. 

At first, humanity’s curiosity about its origin only saw disasters, disease, and mayhem, so a displeased and angry sky-god was invented. They built their religions around oppressive rituals and sacrificial demands to appease their god(s). Warring tribes who defeated weaker tribes thought that their god was stronger than the enemy’s defeated god.

Occasionally, they were surprised and “saw the face of God” when saved from tyranny, or when receiving forgiving acceptance (Israelites leaving Egypt with all they could carry and herd, Jacob’s surprise from brother Esau, Joseph’s brother’s surprise from Joseph). But still, Moses gave them laws and rituals well beyond “honor your loving Creator/Savior/Provider” by showing “love to your neighbor.” Most were governmental in nature, but many soon became religious. Moses had grown up within the Egyptian priesthood and government and knew something about setting it up as a control mechanism. Just another tyranny. Love was patient. Moses – not so much!

David caught the spirit of a Supreme Love and shared it in many songs. The Prophets caught that spirit too and complained about the priest’s oppressive religion or the king’s oppressive decrees. Jesus, “the man” (bar Nasha) as he preferred to be called, caught that spirit of Love as well and challenged the oppressive Hebrew religion. His stories and his life were replete with the generous unconditional love and acceptance of the Father displayed toward others. This made him a threat to religious authority and they soon shut him down unjustly.

We must question the scriptures, both old and new, as Jesus did, especially when they reek with oppression and promise punishment for disobedience. And we must question the church confessions which tell us who Jesus was and did – but not what he taught.

The mythology of the “fall” needed a gruesome punishment requirement and then a salvation theory of a substitution-sacrifice to offer supposed relief from the requirement. But true Love requires nothing and accepts unconditionally. Besides, it was incarnated (imaged) within all of humanity from the beginning, not only in one man 2000 years ago.

Evolving consciousness has learned that the church is mostly an empty vessel in spite of it’s claimed power and control from an “inspired” source which has become an idol in itself.

Humanity is Love’s temple. As humanity searches to learn more of this Love, Love also yearns to be discovered but it patiently waits for us (prodigals that we are) to realize, “Duh! The Father has been waiting with open arms all along!” Such Love does not punish or payback.

Love always has been and will always be, waiting for us to catch its spirit and spread it around like Jesus did. We too are its sons and daughters. We are the Father’s family, each a unique part of his image as Jesus knew he was. He knew he was not the only son and he knew his sisters shared Love’s feminine side (Sophia). And he knew that the Father had promised to never leave or forsake parts of himself.

The Father’s judgment is his unconditional forgiveness. The Father’s justice is his loving acceptance. It has always been so. There never was a need for a sacrifice. The Christian church’s idolatry of the cross benefits no one. Even the “faith” in its proclaimed benefits is idolatry. And Peter and Paul’s “Christ” (captured by narrative writer’s imaginations generations later), is another idol which distracts us from the Father’s Love found in Jesus’  life and teaching – acceptance and endless unconditional forgiveness even for enemies. This testimony and example of Love benefits everyone.

One Christian religion prays to Jesus’ mother and to many other “saints” while other more “reformed” Christian religions pray to a “Christ” who they say will return to destroy his enemies. But Jesus taught us to pray to the Father of LOVE, and ask him to save us from the injustice of humans who still have not been surprised by the Father’s unconditional forgiveness and restorative   justice of acceptance, in spite of all our faulty warts!

Father, forgive them all and take them all into your loving arms as you promised. Father, we know that you have an eternity to “rinse out their brains” and finally convince them of your Love. Yes, let it be so!

In the meantime, a  Love that is shared in a smile, a comforting touch, an unconditional forgiving acceptance, a gift to someone in need, or caring words that set a spirit free from religious tyranny, are all from the Father of Love.

There is no reason to fear anything but the injustice of humans who do not know what they are doing. Death has no sting either. The Father’s open arms await at our passage through death into his Reality which cannot even be imagined right now. All we need to know is that we are in the Father’s “Head Start Program” at the moment. So pay attention to his unconditional acts of kindness, sometimes even coming from a “Samaritan” (Atheist?), and learn from them.

~ Henry Hasse ~ May, 22, 2011

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Divinity Within Shifts Perceptions

My Australian Mentor, Robert Brinsmead, and my Canadian friend, Wendell Krossa, offer the following contributions to encourage our journey at http://www.greatnewstory.com

All I can say is a hearty, “Thank you!” ~ hh

Divinity Within Humanity

“So where do we get a concept of what this God who has disappeared in humanity is like? We take the highest attribute in the human arena and by observing this attribute we can know the nature of this incarnated God. Love in its ultimate expression keeps no scores of wrongs and is not self-centered. Love unconditionally accepts the other. There was never a time when God ceased to love us. Love is eternal without beginning and without end. In the beginning love’s eternal purpose meant that before the world was, there was the glory I had with the father. This thought by-passes all the exclusiveness of the Christian religion. What Jesus said in this statement of the glory he had with the father was a statement that was applicable to all humanity.

“And this understanding swept away the notion of Christianity that God was in a single location. God was not found in a book or ritual but he was manifested in human flesh.

“We see God’s attributes in the neighbor, especially in the great arena of humanity.

“A new grand narrative will be based on reality not myth. It will grab the human imagination bringing hope and universal unconditional love. It will not be new wine in old bottles. Religion of any form cannot hold the new narrative. All religion puts conditions on love and acceptance.

“This is a story of the God who disappeared in the human arena to bring human society to its grand potential against all odds.” ~ rb


Perception Shift

“The nature of divine love as self-limiting. It respects the freedom and autonomy of individuals. It grants freedom to life. Freedom is central to understanding divine love. Most of us have such a low valuation of freedom that we just don’t get the nature of a love that values freedom so highly. Freedom is so essential to being truly human. Hence, the divine valuation of freedom goes some way to explaining the random/chance element in life. It also permits genuine creativity and choice to exist. But it can be costly….

“God known primarily in the human – this requires a huge shift in human perception. It is a great shift in the entire history of mythology/religion. The early view of divinity behind nature or life led to viewing divinity as angry (violence of nature, disease). This root perception then led to appeasement mythology and salvation mythology. To understand divinity in terms of human emergence and development, leads to entirely new perceptions of the divine (as the great Life under-girding and inspiring the human enterprise).” ~ wk

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No Reason to be Afraid

 “Churches are full of people who are Christians because they want to go to heaven when they die, but they are dying of thirst today!” ~ Ramon Torres

Fear of death and hell has kept the mythology of Christianity alive for 2000 years. Their faith in a perfect  payment via substitution to a god who demanded vengeance is not working. Their faith in ancient and newer human scriptures is not working out either. Too complicated, and too contradictory!

How about simply trusting a loving Creator, a Supreme Being willing to share unique parts of its entity as a loving, caring, forgiving, accepting Father would do? – One that reveals itself within humanity, unafraid to share its love through its creation. – A horizontal relationship that is scandalous to all vertical religions. – One that sets humanity free to become better than they are. – One that has surprised oppressed humanity with its unconditional generosity. – One that saves humanity from the tyranny of death and from a slavery to thoughts of some future punishment for unbelief of a complicated religious salvation theory.

This Love has revealed itself to humans in acts of surprising kindness throughout history, acts still hidden within the scriptures and hidden in daily life, hidden, that is, by religious belief systems, both ancient and current.

Both OT prophets and Jesus, “the man” as he called himself, caught and taught this same spirit of Love, and complained about the oppressive religious system as well. But religious people reacted to the news of such generosity and acceptance like the brothers of the Prodigal in Jesus’ story. Their idea of justice had no mercy.

Christianity’s idea of justice has no mercy either. It demands a vicious bloody payment, in full. And that is why it does not work. That is why Christians are still nagged by the fear of death and hell. They have a god who punishes a good and loving man. Knowing themselves, how can they possibly trust such a god in the end?

If only Christians could be taught what Jesus taught instead of what the church says he taught! You cannot even find what he taught in any of the church’s confessions. Their scriptures and their confessions have hidden the comforting message of the real Father of Love from them. If only they had ears to hear this unconditional message of Love! Things could be so different today. People could treat each other so much better than they do. If only they could see each other as the loving Father sees them. That would make all the difference in the world. What about serving God? Someone said, “God is just fine anyways and does not need our services, so let’s be about our business of serving our neighbor.” Let them see the face of God in your forgiveness, in your acceptance, in your aid in their time of need.

Perhaps they will finally catch this loving spirit from a good “Samaritan” (Atheist?) neighborly act of kindness! Perhaps they can finally be assured that such a loving Father would never leave them or forsake them, each of them being a unique part of its divine Self, especially while they pass through death. Perhaps they will finally know that everything will be just fine, because they will be moving “into the Father’s loving arms.” There is nothing to fear then.

Henry Hasse, May 1, 2011

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