No Reason to be Afraid

 “Churches are full of people who are Christians because they want to go to heaven when they die, but they are dying of thirst today!” ~ Ramon Torres

Fear of death and hell has kept the mythology of Christianity alive for 2000 years. Their faith in a perfect  payment via substitution to a god who demanded vengeance is not working. Their faith in ancient and newer human scriptures is not working out either. Too complicated, and too contradictory!

How about simply trusting a loving Creator, a Supreme Being willing to share unique parts of its entity as a loving, caring, forgiving, accepting Father would do? – One that reveals itself within humanity, unafraid to share its love through its creation. – A horizontal relationship that is scandalous to all vertical religions. – One that sets humanity free to become better than they are. – One that has surprised oppressed humanity with its unconditional generosity. – One that saves humanity from the tyranny of death and from a slavery to thoughts of some future punishment for unbelief of a complicated religious salvation theory.

This Love has revealed itself to humans in acts of surprising kindness throughout history, acts still hidden within the scriptures and hidden in daily life, hidden, that is, by religious belief systems, both ancient and current.

Both OT prophets and Jesus, “the man” as he called himself, caught and taught this same spirit of Love, and complained about the oppressive religious system as well. But religious people reacted to the news of such generosity and acceptance like the brothers of the Prodigal in Jesus’ story. Their idea of justice had no mercy.

Christianity’s idea of justice has no mercy either. It demands a vicious bloody payment, in full. And that is why it does not work. That is why Christians are still nagged by the fear of death and hell. They have a god who punishes a good and loving man. Knowing themselves, how can they possibly trust such a god in the end?

If only Christians could be taught what Jesus taught instead of what the church says he taught! You cannot even find what he taught in any of the church’s confessions. Their scriptures and their confessions have hidden the comforting message of the real Father of Love from them. If only they had ears to hear this unconditional message of Love! Things could be so different today. People could treat each other so much better than they do. If only they could see each other as the loving Father sees them. That would make all the difference in the world. What about serving God? Someone said, “God is just fine anyways and does not need our services, so let’s be about our business of serving our neighbor.” Let them see the face of God in your forgiveness, in your acceptance, in your aid in their time of need.

Perhaps they will finally catch this loving spirit from a good “Samaritan” (Atheist?) neighborly act of kindness! Perhaps they can finally be assured that such a loving Father would never leave them or forsake them, each of them being a unique part of its divine Self, especially while they pass through death. Perhaps they will finally know that everything will be just fine, because they will be moving “into the Father’s loving arms.” There is nothing to fear then.

Henry Hasse, May 1, 2011

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