Divinity Within Shifts Perceptions

My Australian Mentor, Robert Brinsmead, and my Canadian friend, Wendell Krossa, offer the following contributions to encourage our journey at http://www.greatnewstory.com

All I can say is a hearty, “Thank you!” ~ hh

Divinity Within Humanity

“So where do we get a concept of what this God who has disappeared in humanity is like? We take the highest attribute in the human arena and by observing this attribute we can know the nature of this incarnated God. Love in its ultimate expression keeps no scores of wrongs and is not self-centered. Love unconditionally accepts the other. There was never a time when God ceased to love us. Love is eternal without beginning and without end. In the beginning love’s eternal purpose meant that before the world was, there was the glory I had with the father. This thought by-passes all the exclusiveness of the Christian religion. What Jesus said in this statement of the glory he had with the father was a statement that was applicable to all humanity.

“And this understanding swept away the notion of Christianity that God was in a single location. God was not found in a book or ritual but he was manifested in human flesh.

“We see God’s attributes in the neighbor, especially in the great arena of humanity.

“A new grand narrative will be based on reality not myth. It will grab the human imagination bringing hope and universal unconditional love. It will not be new wine in old bottles. Religion of any form cannot hold the new narrative. All religion puts conditions on love and acceptance.

“This is a story of the God who disappeared in the human arena to bring human society to its grand potential against all odds.” ~ rb


Perception Shift

“The nature of divine love as self-limiting. It respects the freedom and autonomy of individuals. It grants freedom to life. Freedom is central to understanding divine love. Most of us have such a low valuation of freedom that we just don’t get the nature of a love that values freedom so highly. Freedom is so essential to being truly human. Hence, the divine valuation of freedom goes some way to explaining the random/chance element in life. It also permits genuine creativity and choice to exist. But it can be costly….

“God known primarily in the human – this requires a huge shift in human perception. It is a great shift in the entire history of mythology/religion. The early view of divinity behind nature or life led to viewing divinity as angry (violence of nature, disease). This root perception then led to appeasement mythology and salvation mythology. To understand divinity in terms of human emergence and development, leads to entirely new perceptions of the divine (as the great Life under-girding and inspiring the human enterprise).” ~ wk

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us


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