One More Time – From the Top

Some of you may think that I am repeating myself. Perhaps so. These are hard sayings – hard only because they are like new wine which cannot use old wineskins. We need to wake up to a new day of Love!

Typical unjust behavior will attempt to correct me with many scriptures. But I was encouraged to hear a friend say that “it is difficult for people to be neighborly when they are trying so hard to be saved”  – or save me.

Our consciousness of the Supreme Creative Love needs to be set free from “Holy” scriptures and see them as mere human writings. Some already question the Persian/Hebrew concept of “hell.” Now it’s time to question the ancient Shaman’s mythology of the “fall” as well.

Just see the Supreme Entity of Love as being daring enough to display its creativity through orderly and evolving universes and then limitless organisms and creatures thriving safely on this earth, just the right distance from its sun.

Especially see such an endless Love incarnating itself in all of humanity and patiently waiting for consciousness to discover on its own how generous such a Love is to have given it life. Sustaining that life is another matter because it involves allowing for choices. And poor choices can quickly discourage the growth of consciousness. Love takes this risk because freedom is the basis of Love. Love requires nothing. Love only gives freely and forgives unconditionally. 

At first, humanity’s curiosity about its origin only saw disasters, disease, and mayhem, so a displeased and angry sky-god was invented. They built their religions around oppressive rituals and sacrificial demands to appease their god(s). Warring tribes who defeated weaker tribes thought that their god was stronger than the enemy’s defeated god.

Occasionally, they were surprised and “saw the face of God” when saved from tyranny, or when receiving forgiving acceptance (Israelites leaving Egypt with all they could carry and herd, Jacob’s surprise from brother Esau, Joseph’s brother’s surprise from Joseph). But still, Moses gave them laws and rituals well beyond “honor your loving Creator/Savior/Provider” by showing “love to your neighbor.” Most were governmental in nature, but many soon became religious. Moses had grown up within the Egyptian priesthood and government and knew something about setting it up as a control mechanism. Just another tyranny. Love was patient. Moses – not so much!

David caught the spirit of a Supreme Love and shared it in many songs. The Prophets caught that spirit too and complained about the priest’s oppressive religion or the king’s oppressive decrees. Jesus, “the man” (bar Nasha) as he preferred to be called, caught that spirit of Love as well and challenged the oppressive Hebrew religion. His stories and his life were replete with the generous unconditional love and acceptance of the Father displayed toward others. This made him a threat to religious authority and they soon shut him down unjustly.

We must question the scriptures, both old and new, as Jesus did, especially when they reek with oppression and promise punishment for disobedience. And we must question the church confessions which tell us who Jesus was and did – but not what he taught.

The mythology of the “fall” needed a gruesome punishment requirement and then a salvation theory of a substitution-sacrifice to offer supposed relief from the requirement. But true Love requires nothing and accepts unconditionally. Besides, it was incarnated (imaged) within all of humanity from the beginning, not only in one man 2000 years ago.

Evolving consciousness has learned that the church is mostly an empty vessel in spite of it’s claimed power and control from an “inspired” source which has become an idol in itself.

Humanity is Love’s temple. As humanity searches to learn more of this Love, Love also yearns to be discovered but it patiently waits for us (prodigals that we are) to realize, “Duh! The Father has been waiting with open arms all along!” Such Love does not punish or payback.

Love always has been and will always be, waiting for us to catch its spirit and spread it around like Jesus did. We too are its sons and daughters. We are the Father’s family, each a unique part of his image as Jesus knew he was. He knew he was not the only son and he knew his sisters shared Love’s feminine side (Sophia). And he knew that the Father had promised to never leave or forsake parts of himself.

The Father’s judgment is his unconditional forgiveness. The Father’s justice is his loving acceptance. It has always been so. There never was a need for a sacrifice. The Christian church’s idolatry of the cross benefits no one. Even the “faith” in its proclaimed benefits is idolatry. And Peter and Paul’s “Christ” (captured by narrative writer’s imaginations generations later), is another idol which distracts us from the Father’s Love found in Jesus’  life and teaching – acceptance and endless unconditional forgiveness even for enemies. This testimony and example of Love benefits everyone.

One Christian religion prays to Jesus’ mother and to many other “saints” while other more “reformed” Christian religions pray to a “Christ” who they say will return to destroy his enemies. But Jesus taught us to pray to the Father of LOVE, and ask him to save us from the injustice of humans who still have not been surprised by the Father’s unconditional forgiveness and restorative   justice of acceptance, in spite of all our faulty warts!

Father, forgive them all and take them all into your loving arms as you promised. Father, we know that you have an eternity to “rinse out their brains” and finally convince them of your Love. Yes, let it be so!

In the meantime, a  Love that is shared in a smile, a comforting touch, an unconditional forgiving acceptance, a gift to someone in need, or caring words that set a spirit free from religious tyranny, are all from the Father of Love.

There is no reason to fear anything but the injustice of humans who do not know what they are doing. Death has no sting either. The Father’s open arms await at our passage through death into his Reality which cannot even be imagined right now. All we need to know is that we are in the Father’s “Head Start Program” at the moment. So pay attention to his unconditional acts of kindness, sometimes even coming from a “Samaritan” (Atheist?), and learn from them.

~ Henry Hasse ~ May, 22, 2011

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