Lots of stuff and nonsense on morals in the air these days. What are morals anyhow? Define morals! Seems that moral behavior means different things to different people. All depends on which religion brought you up, or how strict your parents were, or maybe they didn’t care what you learned and tried out. And what IS a moral compass? Where do you get one of those? Does WalMart have them on special? Instead of N, S, E, & W, does it show Right, Wrong, Maybe, OOOPs?  I am filled up with it all!

 On the way to work this morning, I saw one of those church signs. Apparently they don’t know much about it either. “Dear God, what can I do 4 U today?” It reminded me of something the great Satchmo Armstrong said when asked about what it was about the trumpet that he enjoyed so much. His answer: “If you gotta ask what is it, you’ll NEVER git to know!”

 How about Love? Have you ever been surprised by an undeserved hug, a comforting smile, forgiveness for a harmful choice, an unexpected gift or talent, especially when you needed it? And what if each came without any expectations of you returning the favor? No strings attached! Particularly because you did not have the where-with-all to do so even if you wanted to. Have you ever been overwhelmed by such Love, a Love that forgives you seventy times seven or more? Why would Love be that way? Because it anticipates a turn about! Did you notice? It does not EXPECT it. It ANTICIPATES it.

 Honor your Creator by loving yourself and your neighbor. That is what it means to have character. Your ducks are in a row then. Love wins every time then. There is no need for morals that merely follow demands or expectations or laws. And if you need a compass, get one with L, O, V, E on it so you can know that every way you choose is OK.

The real test is the Love test, meaning: Is what I choose to do or say going to harm myself or my neighbor(s) in any way or is it going to be a blessing to us? Character understands that it has no sky-god to impress by keeping a bunch of rules. Character chooses to be a blessing to itself and to others. Why? Because character knows that it is the temple of Love so it cannot help but be loving.

Love becomes a natural choice for those who have been overwhelmed by it. It can say, “Father, forgive them. They just do not know what they are doing.” ~ yet!

June 10, 2011 ~ Henry Hasse

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