Mythology of the “Fall”

The introduction of The Lord of the Rings includes this interesting line: “History became legend and legend became myth.” I thought: Yes, and soon myth became much of what we now know as scripture.

Our consciousness of the Supreme Creative Love needs to be set free from “holy” scriptures and see them as mere human writings. They have been idolized long enough. For example, it is time to question the ancient Shaman’s mythology of the “fall.”

We have learned that even “junk science” becomes myth when based upon false evidence, opinion, and guesswork.  Admitting that the universes that surround us, both micro and macro, are far too intricate and filled with minute details to evolve on their own may seem to be unscientific, but it remains a haunting fact that they have a systematic purpose which calls out to us.

A Supreme Entity of Love that was daring enough to show humanity some of its creativity through these orderly and intricate universes also seems to be calling out for recognition with each new scientific revelation. The Hubble telesope alone has astounded astrophysics with its findings. And recent outer space probes only add to the endless wonder. Then see this endless Love gifting it and incarnating itself into all of humanity and patiently waiting for the human consciousness to slowly but surely come to also recognize this mighty life-force within the temple of its own body.

Think about it. Does that not sound like something Love would do? Of course it does! No strings attached. Life, liberty, and the pusuit of happiness with total permission to learn from mistakes. Learn from poor choices which only harm self and others. But make the right choices and reap the rewards. Freedom to learn which choice has better outcomes. Which choices advance humanity and which choices hold humanity back? To repeat history or learn from it? To threaten or to promise? To punish or to offer relief?

At first, humanity’s curiosity about its origin could only see the disasters, disease, and mayhem, so a displeased and angry sky-god was invented. They built their religions around oppressive rituals and sacrificial demands to appease their god(s). Warring tribes who defeated weaker tribes thought that their god was stronger than the enemy’s defeated god.

From which local “god” did Abraham get the gruesome idea to sacrifice the son he and his wife had waited so long for? Good thing his consciousness and his dream of having a family large enough to fill the land questioned and put a stop to such nonsense! (Actually, it was his son who questioned his father’s threatening religious practice.)

Occasionally, they were surprised by and even “saw the face of God” when receiving forgiving acceptance or when saved from tyranny, (Jacob was forgiven and accepted and loved by his brother Esau, Joseph’s brothers were forgiven and accepted and loved by Joseph, Israelites left Egypt’s tyranny with all they could carry and herd). But still, Moses gave them laws and rituals well beyond “honor your loving Creator/Savior” by “loving yourself and your neighbor.” Most were governmental in nature, but many soon became religious laws. Moses had grown up within the Egyptian priesthood and government and knew much about setting it up as a control for human behavior – but it was just another tyranny.

David caught the spirit of a Supreme Love and shared it in many songs. The Prophets caught that spirit too and complained endlessly about the priest’s oppressive religion. Instead, they spoke with “comforting” words and taught of “mercy without sacrifice.” Jesus, bar Nasha, “the man” as he preferred to be called (probably because the Greek/Roman imagination of some had begun to think he was something more than a man), caught that same spirit of Love and soon challenged the oppressive Hebrew religion. It had become a combination of Moses’ priestly tyranny and the priestly tyranny they had learned from Zoroastrianism while captives in Persia (concepts such as Hell and a Day of Judgment). Instead, Jesus’ stories and his living were replete with the generous unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance of the Father.

The presence of this Love within is why we must question the scriptures, both old and new, as Jesus did, especially when they reek with oppressive and threatening words. And we must also question the church’s confessions which tell us who Jesus was and what he did for us as a “god” – but make little or nothing of what he taught and lived as a loving human.

Without a “fall,”  there is no need for the salvation theory of the church. Love was incarnated in all of humanity from the beginning, not only in one man 2000 years ago.

Evolving consciousness has learned that the church is an empty vessel in spite of its claimed “inspired” source from which it derives its power.

It is humanity that is Love’s temple. And as humanity searches to learn more of this Love within, Love is yearning to be discovered and patiently waits for us (prodigals) to realize, “Duh! The Father has been waiting with open arms all along!” Such Love does not punish or payback. It patiently waits for recognition and the resulting fruits of gracious goodness toward others.

Love always has been and will always be waiting for us to catch its spirit and spread it around like Jesus did. We too are its precious sons and daughters. We are all in the Father’s family, each a unique part of his image as Jesus also knew that he was. And the Father has promised to never leave or forsake parts of himself. THAT is why death has no sting!

The Father’s judgment of humanity is his unconditional forgiveness. And the Father’s justice is his loving acceptance of humanity. It has always been so. There never was a need for a sacrifice. There has only been love and forgiveness and mercy waiting to be caught.

The Christian church’s idolatry of its “holy” scripture and its idolatry of its “blessed” cross symbol benefits no one. And Peter and Paul’s “Christ” distracts us from the Father’s Love found in Jesus and his teaching – endless unconditional forgiveness even for enemies. The testimony and example of Love which was from the beginning benefits everyone. But the imaginations of the Jesus narrative writers two and three generations after Jesus lived misreprsent him even more than Peter and Paul.

One Christian religion prays to Jesus’ mother and to many other “saints” while other more “reformed” Christian religions pray to a “Christ” who, according to their myth, will return one day to destroy his enemies. But Jesus taught us to pray to the Father of LOVE, and ask him to save us from the injustice of such human ideas. Those humans still have not been surprised by the Father’s unconditional forgiveness and restorative justice! Jesus knew that mercy would find them – eventually – and so he prayed for their forgiveness. Learn from him and do likewise.

A Love that is shared in a smile, a comforting touch, an unconditional forgiving acceptance, or a gift to someone in need, even words that set a spirit free from religious tyranny, are all from the Father of Love. Learn from them and catch this spirit, then pass it on.

So there is no reason to fear anything but the injustice of men who still do not know what they are doing. Father, forgive them and deliver us from such evil tyranny. And if we, like Jesus cannot escape such injustice, then the Father’s open arms await at our passage through death into his Reality. And since that Reality cannot even be imagined right now, just let it be a surprise. All we need to know is that we are in the Father’s Head Start Program at the moment. So pay attention to his unconditional acts of kindness, sometimes even coming from a “Samaritan” (Atheist?) and learn from them.

Using mythology and scriptures written by humans to spread fear among people is unloving behavior at its very worst. Oppressive and threatening words do not bring on genuine change because Love never said them! Such words can make nothing happen. They have no creativity within them. Do not be fooled by mere surface change which is only due to fear.

A good rule of thumb: if the scripture or a “prophet” speaks in oppressive terms and tones and threatens punishment or tribulation, then such words are NOT from a Supreme Love that forgives unconditionally and generously accepts us in spite of our prodigal behavior. They are not loving creative words. Disregard them! But if the scripture or the prophet speaks in gentle, kind, and encouraging words which promise good things and tell of the benefits experienced when choosing to follow their advice, then pay special attention to them and follow them because they have creative power to change your life, making it better for yourself and for others. Forgiveness, acceptance, love, mercy – these are the Eternal’s ways!

Please stay on your journey to look for more news of this endless Love. You may be surprised where it turns up. Blessings to all who discover it!

June 30, 2011 ~ Henry Hasse

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