The Mystery of Mythology

What is it about the myth that captivates so?

 Our brain enjoys thinking in narrative – characters in a setting, a story building to climax and resolving in closure. Story-telling allows us to share these narratives over coffee, around the table or a campfire.

 But real life is not always a mountain climb. More often it is hills and valleys – not very interesting stuff. So keeping interest up becomes important. Enter speculation. The story becomes a tale with a little speculation here and there. This makes the story captivating.

 The ancients were no different. They depended on oral communication entirely. Their experiences were passed on in stories filled with speculation. Some of these tales became well-known myths. But remember, somewhere within the myth lies the truth.

 This is precisely why, after our informed consciousness reaches the conclusion that the scriptures are NOT holy and inspired, we must not “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Finding the truth within the ancient tales and myths which were finally written much later, perhaps with even more embellishments, is what really matters.

 The Greek mythos captured their belief system and passed it to the next generations. And if the characters were speculated to be supernatural, they could do almost anything beyond the capabilities of being human. Having received this “wisdom” from the fathers, who would dare to question it? Uninformed consciousness remains stuck with the myth and stuck with the fears the myth encourages. (Any of this sound familiar?) But if informed consciousness had not questioned the myth, the earth would still be flat, the sun and all the planets would still be revolving around the earth, and the universe would still be only our solar system.

 A myth can be a metaphor, a symbol of something else. Whether true or false or a symbol remains a mystery until it is questioned rather than blindly accepted as told/written. Examples: the “fall” and the “flood” and “heaven” and “hell” and “resurrection” and the idea of an apocalyptic judgment to name a few among many beliefs still blindly accepted. Again, coming from the “wisdom” of the fathers, who would dare to question their validity, especially if they were “inspired?” And if consciousness does not question this inspiration idea, then it must also live with the fears it encourages.

 A new narrative, our story, must include examples that led us to question these myths. Powerful and true anecdotes. They must be compared to the story of Love discovered within us. The results of each must differ so that they bring tears of understanding and relief to the eyes of the listener/reader of our story.

 Questioning the “wisdom” of the fathers takes guts to show where they were wrong to believe and to live according these myths. Their “sacred” stories will not seem so “sacred” any longer. The terror and worry and fear that they bring to humanity must be exposed with great clarity. Be fearless before churchmen who will attempt to intimidate you for your “heresy.” Forgive them. They still do not know what they are doing.

 Example: Which mid-eastern god was Abraham listening to when he went off to sacrifice Isaac? Good thing his consciousness listened instead to his own son who questioned his father’s gruesome religious practice. And good thing his consciousness questioned the same practice and compared the results to his dream of having a family so large that it could not be counted. My hunch goes with the growing consciousness, not with the many things finally written as speculation about the great “god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” If we stick with their stories, we can learn from them. If we get caught theorizing from a tale about a “god” who asks for sacrifice, punishment, encourages payback, makes demands, etc., then we are stuck with untold fears and are apt to practice the same violence on our neighbor.

 The mystery of why humans choose to carry these myths around on their backs begins to melt away when “inspiration” and “holy/sacred” words are questioned to find the truth. That is when the real story will come out! That is when Love is released in the story. And that is when a pearl of great price is found. Then we do whatever it takes to make it our own, a part of OUR story.

 What is your story? Write it! Spiff it up a bit with a little speculation if you dare. Have fun with it. Allow your family to find the truth in it for them. Love is yearning to be discovered among all the thorns and weeds sown by the church – sown by all religions. Love will win! Humanity will progress to the better. Tell about your progression.

 The following excerpts appeared in a Blog post entitled “Campfire Writing.” By David Masters found at  (David Masters is a writer, storyteller, blogger, and amateur photographer)

 “Stories are fundamental to being human.  Without stories, life would appear as a meaningless jumble of facts and ideas.  Stories make facts, and great ideas, meaningful.  They connect with the everyday life and experience of their listeners or readers.

If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.
~ Rudyard Kipling

“Stories inspire lasting change for two reasons.  First, they are memorable.  A well told story is never forgotten; it lodges itself deep in the reader’s subconscious mind. Second, the reader has to find out the purpose of the story for themselves.  The reader is responsible for working out the truth of the story.”


King Shahryar of Persia loves his newlywed wife more than all the world.  It is his greatest happiness to meet her every wish, and to treat her with the finest jewels – diamonds, rubies, and sapphires – and beautiful silk dresses.

Shahryar’s Queen, however, is in love with another man.  For many years, the Queen and her lover have a secret affair.

When King Shahryar finally discovers his Queen’s infidelity, he is furious.  Breaking down and losing his mind, he has the Queen executed.  As revenge on his former wife, he decrees that all women are unfaithful.

He soon marries a new bride, but has her executed the next morning, before she has a chance to cheat on him.  He marries again, and again executes his new wife the next day.  He repeats this pattern until his chief advisor can find no more women for him to marry. The only single woman left in the whole kingdom is the advisor’s daughter, Scheherazade.  Reluctantly, the chief advisor agrees to let her marry the king.

On their wedding night, Scheherazade tells the king a story.  At the climax of the story, she stops her storytelling, and refuses to continue.  The king is determined to discover the ending to the story.  He begs her to finish, but she will not tell the ending.

The next day, the executioner knocks on the king’s door, as has become custom the day after each wedding. The king sends the executioner away.  Scheherazade’s execution can wait until tomorrow; he must first hear the end of her story.

That night, Scheherazade finishes her story.  The king is satisfied, and will have her executed the following morning.  However, while he is plotting  Scheherazade’s demise, she begins another story.  Again, she stops telling the story at its climax, and refuses to continue.  Again, the king holds off her execution so he can hear the ending to her story.  And again, that evening, when she finishes the previous story, she starts another.

For 1,001 nights Scheherazade captivates the king is this way, holding his curiosity each night with a new story.

During these years of sharing stories, the King has fallen in love with Scheherazade.  He can no longer imagine having her executed.   Scheherazade, too, has fallen in love with the King.  Together, they live happily ever after, with a reign of justice and truth, always listening carefully to the stories of their subjects.

[End Story]

 July 28, 2011 ~ Henry Hasse

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Better and Better

The following excerpts appeared in my Canadian friend’s post at his new website  You will see that he and I are on the same page. ~ H. Hasse

“We live in a time where unsettling scares are repeatedly sent surging through the public consciousness. A fog of apocalyptic despair has become the background atmosphere of our age….The media quickly pick up on scares raised by environmental hysterias. The public is then frightened…. and this worry is cited by politicians as support for polices enacted to counter the supposed threat, policies enacted out of fear which result in great cost to the society at large…. populations are frightened into immobility. People are frightened away from adopting new technologies that could better life…. The outcome is a general hindering of growth and development and in such situations the poor suffer the most severe consequences.

“Apocalyptic scares have a 100 percent failure rate. Surely Y2K, with airplanes falling out of the sky, should have taught us something about the irresponsibility of such scare-mongering….This may be the greatest battle that humanity faces today – the fight against the despair and hopelessness engendered by a distorted apocalyptic view of reality…. The endless repetition of such views in public reinforces a distorting narrative about life, deepens gloom, and weakens the ability of people to engage life positively.

“Apocalyptic is entirely distorting reality. Life on earth has never been better. The cosmos has never been better and human civilization has never been better. And it is only going to get much better still. We have only just begun the rise toward a far better future…. The past provides convincing evidence about what the future might be…. All matter, life and consciousness have advanced, developed, improved, grown, and undergone perfecting from their earliest emergence….Human emergence and development can actually be viewed then as the grand story of the liberation or exodus of humanity.

“This fundamental trend toward something better also speaks volumes regarding the foundational Reality or Mind that gives existence to all….If all this reality has been created for some reason then it is important to not violate that purpose. This seems only common sense…. And that purpose can be generalized in the concept of progress toward something better, toward something more humane.

“We have learned to restrain state/government power and to protect individual freedom and rights. This has led to the unleashing of the infinite creative potential of people. The results have been awe inspiring – the doubling of human life-spans in the past century, improved living conditions and comforts, less disease, and more time for recreational and spiritual pursuits…. We (humanity) have figured out what it means to be human…. We understand that human life to be about love, forgiveness, persuasion, creativity and freedom. It is about progress toward a more humane future.

 “The old story of reality and life, though still widely present in remnant form, is bankrupt. The old story was almost entirely a mythically and religiously informed narrative of reality and life. It told us in mythologized terms of the creation of all things, including humanity, and that there were angry gods behind the forces of nature which needed to be placated, that gods controlled all things in life, and it told us of such things as the Fall of early humanity and the subsequent decline of life toward some future disastrous ending.

“Theologians like the Persian Zoroaster provided a uniquely dark version of this last apocalyptic element that profoundly influenced western religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and [therefore] Western thought. He spoke of sinful humanity corrupting the world and being purged in fiery conflagration at the end of the world. Similarly, Eastern religious traditions also spoke of the decline of life toward a worsening future. The old story also presented varied salvation schemes that differed from religion to religion.

“Religious people have built generally apocalyptic mythologies around their gods, mythologies constructed to explain the aberrations of life. They claim that the anger of their gods is evident in natural disasters and personal suffering. But these are straw gods that have never existed. Such distortions of reality have blinded people to the love that undergirds everything – the beauty, goodness, and generosity that are evident in the long term trends and overall trajectory of reality and life.

“Fearful apocalyptic viewpoint has long been the basis of salvation thinking with its programs of bloody appeasement and subjection to higher authorities. Apocalyptic is the essential element in salvation theology (God will punish sinful humanity with coming disaster so people must engage in some salvation scheme to avoid the coming disaster). We are seeing this archaic narrative being acted out once again in the environmental movement with its hysteria over CO2 and warming climate.

“And yes we do suffer through setbacks, downturns, disasters, and the cruelty of others. These are all part of life in any era…. We feel such aberrations intensely and often personally. But they do not define the overall trends of life, civilization or the cosmos. They are not evidence of divine displeasure or the need for salvation…. It helps to recognize that it is often the result of freedom. And here we get some sense of the profound divine valuation of freedom. God does not intervene to overrule freedom…. God does not act in some additional manner that counters natural laws.

“To be truly human we must be free. Love is only authentic love when it is free to express itself as it chooses. Not coerced. But such freedom opens the possibility for wrong choice, error, accident, disaster and all the rest of the perverse brood of suffering…. It helps to evaluate our personal suffering in light of the fundamental trend of all reality toward something better, and more humane.

“From the rise and progress of everything in response to infinitely impossible fine tuning of myriad factors we can also detect something of the great Transcendent Mystery that creates and sustains all. We can recognize from the immanence of this Mind that sustains all in existence that it is accomplishing some great purpose in physical reality. We can detect intelligence beyond comprehension, love beyond experiencing, and generosity, care, mercy and so much more that defines truly humane reality.

“Above everything else, all that exists expresses the love of the Creator. The infinite Love that is God became manifest and embedded in the physical realm with the emergence of material reality and this Love has now uniquely incarnated in humanity. Whereas in the past God maintained the rise and progress of all, we now recognize that this great Consciousness and Life has now buried itself in humanity and this now makes us more responsible for the ongoing rise and progress of life toward something better.

“Creation is an expression of the love of God. In creating, God was in fact expressing God’s own true self. God is a God of love, and love is by its very nature self-diffusive. It implies sharing, exchange, self-giving, and response

“A [famous] Mid Eastern sage saw things in physical reality and life that his contemporaries did not see clearly….the sage told them to fear not, to not be anxious or afraid because behind all reality and life there was love, goodness, generosity, inclusion, and infinite care. The Foundation of all things was not vengeful, punishing, or blood thirsty. So everyone was ultimately safe no matter what they suffered through in life. The sage drew profound meaning from physical reality. He pointed to various things in life such as birds being fed, grass being clothed, and rain and sun being freely given to all people alike….With a focus on these things he centered the attention of people back on the core Reality as Love…. With his clear insight and strong hope he knew that the progress of life, consciousness, and civilization would continue. It would only get better…. This is an unstoppable rise because it is driven by the life, love, and creativity of Ultimate Reality itself. Despite the many setbacks, downfalls, accidents, and even purposeful sidetracking by others, we are succeeding wildly in making the world a better place for life. This is reason to celebrate life as party.

“So while life may be imperfect with its elements of chance, accident, and struggle there is no overall mess in the cosmos, life or civilization. To the contrary, everywhere there is evidence for hope, meaning, and celebration….. Natural science cannot acknowledge the ultimate foundation or Source of all things in a Creator/Sustainer of all that exists.

“Every time some environmental change occurs somewhere there are those who react with hysterical panic. It appears that they do not understand that change is natural and normal in nature and even extreme events are common in nature…. Earth has experienced massive changes such as glaciations extending far south to cover continents and then retreating to entirely ice-free conditions over the Earth. Volcanism has led to sudden severe cooling. Solar cycles, along with the regular wobble of the Earth’s axis, have similarly produced severe changes in climate conditions…. The perception that any change in nature is a sign of peril has a long history in human apocalyptic mythology…. There is no reason today to react with irresponsible hysteria to every change in natural conditions.”

 ~ Wendell Krossa

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A New and Better View

God is love. And this discovery will finally break up fear, despair, pessimism, and all other darkening elements placed into human consciousness. Let this festering be finished! Here are the conflicting views:

Unconditional love is the most fundamental reality. That God is in us and in our neighbor is a profound discovery.

While you drink that coffee, think of freedom. Love and freedom go hand-in-hand. Freedom cannot be bound by anything and still be free. Love allows for poor choices because freedom is paramount in Love’s consciousness. Being free to make choices supercedes the possibility of making poor ones.

That does not make Love responsible for such choices. Responsibility remains with the one who made the choice. And that responsibility also begs for a course change as soon as possible – in itself a good choice. This results in positive outcomes, not only for self but also for others. We are free to make good choices and free to make poor choices.

A good mentor will remind and/or ask the student to contemplate: Will the results of what I choose to do be good for me and/or others or will what I choose to do harm self and/or others? What are the possible outcomes? What is your conclusion? Then assume complete responsibility for the choice you make. If it turns out to be good, then accept the thanks graciously. And if it turns out not so good, learn from it and remember that it was a poor choice. Either way, these results are worth passing on as free information to put the next generation a step beyond where we started. Their consciousness becomes better informed and more free to proceed with serving their neighbor. Love wins! Life progresses.

Now, the other view turns this all around as religions have done. Think rules, commands, demands, threats, violence, blame, punishment, atonement, payback. All from minds gone wild with their ideas of justice. Such primative thinking can only tyrannize. Freedom is too scandalous a thought to allow any of it. It is too dangerous. Instead, control is the key issue. Little wonder that Christianity and Islam encourages mistakes – BIG ones at that! (Crusades – Moor Invasion – slavery – keeping women in subjection – Inquisition – religious infighting while orphans and widows around us starve – turning knowledge of a salvation theory into something that unlocks eternity only for those who believe it – refusing to recognize that same-sex love can exist without being an abomination . . . . )

The good news is that Supreme Love never left us, but rather forgives and accepts us as we are, that is, with all our imperfections, but as humans holding parts of its infinite image and consciousness. Love knows what we are made of and remains patient. Mistakes and errors are part of being human. Love and gentleness and forgiveness and acceptance are part of being human as well. Everything will turn out fine.

The only threats of punishment come from the minds of unjust humans who still do not know what they are doing. Their discovery is still part of their future. A loving Father waits with open arms for all prodigals, even me. And this news of freedom from the tyranny of punishment and death releases forgiveness and acceptance from us. It creates good ideas and good behavior and loving acts that surprise our neighbors and even our enemies. It is Love’s way. Live it. Live it even if religion calls it scandalous for lack of a “just” payment!

July 16, 2011 ~ Henry Hasse

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