A New and Better View

God is love. And this discovery will finally break up fear, despair, pessimism, and all other darkening elements placed into human consciousness. Let this festering be finished! Here are the conflicting views:

Unconditional love is the most fundamental reality. That God is in us and in our neighbor is a profound discovery.

While you drink that coffee, think of freedom. Love and freedom go hand-in-hand. Freedom cannot be bound by anything and still be free. Love allows for poor choices because freedom is paramount in Love’s consciousness. Being free to make choices supercedes the possibility of making poor ones.

That does not make Love responsible for such choices. Responsibility remains with the one who made the choice. And that responsibility also begs for a course change as soon as possible – in itself a good choice. This results in positive outcomes, not only for self but also for others. We are free to make good choices and free to make poor choices.

A good mentor will remind and/or ask the student to contemplate: Will the results of what I choose to do be good for me and/or others or will what I choose to do harm self and/or others? What are the possible outcomes? What is your conclusion? Then assume complete responsibility for the choice you make. If it turns out to be good, then accept the thanks graciously. And if it turns out not so good, learn from it and remember that it was a poor choice. Either way, these results are worth passing on as free information to put the next generation a step beyond where we started. Their consciousness becomes better informed and more free to proceed with serving their neighbor. Love wins! Life progresses.

Now, the other view turns this all around as religions have done. Think rules, commands, demands, threats, violence, blame, punishment, atonement, payback. All from minds gone wild with their ideas of justice. Such primative thinking can only tyrannize. Freedom is too scandalous a thought to allow any of it. It is too dangerous. Instead, control is the key issue. Little wonder that Christianity and Islam encourages mistakes – BIG ones at that! (Crusades – Moor Invasion – slavery – keeping women in subjection – Inquisition – religious infighting while orphans and widows around us starve – turning knowledge of a salvation theory into something that unlocks eternity only for those who believe it – refusing to recognize that same-sex love can exist without being an abomination . . . . )

The good news is that Supreme Love never left us, but rather forgives and accepts us as we are, that is, with all our imperfections, but as humans holding parts of its infinite image and consciousness. Love knows what we are made of and remains patient. Mistakes and errors are part of being human. Love and gentleness and forgiveness and acceptance are part of being human as well. Everything will turn out fine.

The only threats of punishment come from the minds of unjust humans who still do not know what they are doing. Their discovery is still part of their future. A loving Father waits with open arms for all prodigals, even me. And this news of freedom from the tyranny of punishment and death releases forgiveness and acceptance from us. It creates good ideas and good behavior and loving acts that surprise our neighbors and even our enemies. It is Love’s way. Live it. Live it even if religion calls it scandalous for lack of a “just” payment!

July 16, 2011 ~ Henry Hasse

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