Two Little Words

The real heart of the OT Scriptures is the simple word of many of the Prophets – justice. That word is akin to the real heart of the NT, another simple word found in several of its manuscripts – love.

In another language, it rolled off the tongue of the Galilean Sage with equal sincerity as it did with the Prophets and it promised hope for all humans, no matter their gender or cultural background.

Humans may be oppressed by government controls, by religious doctrines and rituals, by cultural traditions, by finances, by living conditions, by aging, by diseases and fear of death. But hope in the larger view of a loving justice displays compassion for and offers freedom to the oppressed.

Many may prefer the comfort and safety of their confinement for a while. But once this consciousness of possibility is released from oppression, there is no going back. There is only progress and improvement and something better to look forward to. Yes, mistakes will be made due to imperfection but learning comes from them. Everyone has his own “promised land” to look for. Searching for it and building it gives purpose to existence.

Real justice is setting the oppressed free and allowing them to find their way to make a better life for themselves and their families. The fruits of their hard work and creativity will turn a benefit for others, perhaps with an invention or two produced in their garage.

Standing in the way or discouraging anyone from following their dream or their growth in consciousness is injustice at its very worst. And loving and accepting only those within a selected group or brotherhood is not much better. Either one is done at our loss.

Real justice and love is all-encompassing and all-accepting because its source is the Creator and it promotes freedom and liberty for all. It is not necessary for each generation to learn what works and what does not when love shares its wisdom with anyone.

I think this was the Creator’s plan all along – growth of consciousness – an eternal quest. Each and every flash of understanding and amazing discovery gives us yet another small glimpse into the endless facets of our Creator’s magnificence – an eternal quest indeed! And to realize that such personal growth may also be found by accepting and listening to our neighbor – well, think of how much we have been missing over the years!

What a shame that religion’s bibliolatry and confessions and rituals have hidden the real meaning of these two little words from the oppressed. And what a shame that the “god” that so many serve is the epitome of injustice, fearsome and angry with humanity, threatening eternal punishment in the end for all who do not accept his bloody payback offer of salvation.

A Perfect Beginning, a Fall, Sin, Punishment, a Plan of Salvation, Hell for Unbelief. – Sounds more like figments of human imagination to me – all fearsome mythology.

Forgive them. They do not know what they are doing yet. May they be set free from the oppression they have created. May this scandalous word of a real justice overwhelm all prodigal behavior:

Behold: The simple unconditional acceptance of a loving Creator patiently waiting for our growth in consciousness – no threats – no pressure – only the gift of freedom and a promise of a brighter future. And to put it in human terms, with a knowing and satisfied smile at each advancement made, no matter how small. It is time for everyone to have their personal near-death-experience and come to this light of liberty.

Henry Hasse ~ October 16, 2011

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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