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This past Veteran’s Day, 11/11/11, I was troubled by those who lost themselves in the possible meaning of the numerology behind that date while they seemed to forget  the price paid by our veterans, dead or alive, dismembered and wounded in body and mind.

 Instead of remembering the sacrifices of such men and women, some even speculated about the possibility of their being lied to by the politicians who sent them to unknown places to defend our freedom or set others free to peruse their own liberty. But either seems to be a noble cause to me.

 Perhaps there may be some truth in that latter concern – about the cause being more political than noble at times — but they went anyhow. It is a very difficult thing that humanity faces – self-deception – overcoming the “dark impulses and emotions generated by our brains that are not really us. There is some better, higher, wiser self that can change our brain to better serve our authentic self” So writes a noted psychologist.

 That applies to religions as well. Dark impulses and emotions created religions and have led many lives astray with their speculation of our origin. Payback and punishment are the results of such impulses. But these ways are not authentic. Rather, to misquote the famous Scottish Barb, Robert Burns, “Would that we could see ourselves as [the Father] see[s] us.” Now THAT would make a difference! We were created to be better than we are. And when we finally realize what the Father sees in us – endless possibility – we do become better.

 In the meantime, self-deception rules. And we must invent ways to explain why “freedom is not free” even though it really is and has the potential to turn that self-deception into an accepting love. When the dark controlling/rebellious impulses of some threaten our very lives, we defend ourselves and our families accordingly. And that survival mode usually means that blood will be spilt. So we call it a “sacrifice made for love of family and country.” Rather than debate what may be the real reason behind this required “service,” I choose to be proud that such men and women exist to protect my freedom. And I make a point of thanking every one of them I see.

 Another side of this describes a family member. My older cousin fled to Canada rather than be drafted into the Vietnam War. His father had served in WWII as a radio-man in the Pacific arena. My cousin was ostracized by the entire family and never did receive forgiveness for that “conscientious objection.” When he returned to the States after 1977 under Pres. Carter’s amnesty, he remained unwelcome to all until I contacted him several years ago. He never married but dedicated his life to support needy-homeless children around the world. He is very thankful for and amazed by my acceptance and understanding without having to explain his decision back then.

 The way I see it, veterans made it possible for my cousin to do what he did. As it turned out, Vietnam veterans returned home almost as unwelcome as he was – as if it was their choice to leave home in the first place. In those days it was Pete Seeger who sang, “When will we ever learn?” I know. He sang that line with a different meaning in mind. I am not antiwar where there is a noble cause as mentioned above, but I am against self-deception. So when WILL we ever learn how we have been deceived by religions and their creeds, and by their “holy” books and “holy” men, and not least of all, by politicians.

 My Canadian friend (WK) writes, “We have had millennia of old narrative indoctrination that humanity was fallen, evil at core, selfish and destructive. – Not a good self image to build something positive on …. the ancients went wrong in assigning all that nastiness to the core of human nature as something evil.”

 An “eye for an eye” or endless forgiveness. What shall it be? Payback or compassion? Which one is REAL justice? Which one is humanity’s way? Which one is the Creator’s way? One is a route that is arduous, dangerous, and possibly deadly. The other is a direct route to life as it was meant to become.

 Let us practice the one which can change humanity, one person at a time. And let us do it BEFORE the dark impulses and emotions of some grow to the point where our freedom is threatened and needs to be defended. We have a better, higher, wiser self yearning to be discovered, and it can make all the difference here and now.

 Henry Hasse – 11/27/11

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