Repentance Defined by Love

I had been searching for a better way to explain and understand the results of Abba’s unconditional acceptance. Thanks to a couple dear Australian friends, I now see it as a turn about resulting from being accepted, a fruit of acceptance; NOT: being accepted because of a turn about (as a repentance based on sacrifice).

Yes, this does indeed call for some mental reprogramming!

Zaccheus, a ruthless tax collector, is an excellent example of changing his behavior after Jesus invited and accepted him to the dinner table – table fellowship was a very generous act in those days. Being overwhelmed by such unconditional generosity – some have called it “paying it forward” – is what brings about REAL change. Abba’s justice is unconditional acceptance and it brings about REAL change. No sacrifice is involved.

Change that is the result of a threat or payback is merely superficial – a deception on the surface. And a threatening payback justice is actually unjust before Abba – as the prophets and Jesus proclaimed. Their message is the “pearl of great price” I have discovered hidden in the dunghill of human writings called scriptures which concentrate on a threatening payback justice, gruesome and bloody at that, and is thought to somehow satisfy their sky-god.

Consider these things as you approach the dark days of Lent. Seems it would be better to plan some parties to celebrate our acceptance by the Creator of all. And remember to invite all the “sinners” you know (those who refuse to be regulated by religious ideas).

Henry Hasse ~ February 17, 2012

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