Unconditional Love


I discovered this hidden treasure (a pearl of great price) among all the weeds of the scriptures a little over 3 years ago and have been sharing it ever since. The Father’s love for ALL his children is not really new. It has always been so. But such news was too scandalous for most folks who demanded punishment instead of mercy. The OT Hebrew prophets declared the same hopeful message and were shut down by the religious establishment who had burdened the people with all sorts of demands for sacrifices and festivals and rituals and even the Sabbath itself. The Galilean Sage taught the same concept of the Father’s unconditional love for all, even for the donkey that had fallen into a hole on the Sabbath and needed help to get out. Forgiveness every time, all the time, even for enemies, plays an important role in unconditional love. It is such empathy for all (raining on the good and the bad, sowing generously, generously paying even late-comers a day’s wage), and especially helping the needy, orphans, and widows, that displays the Father’s presence (kingdom) among us. Never payback, no retaliation, no threats, no payment for a helping hand, absolutely nothing expected in return for such love – only unconditional treatment freely given to all. His presence (kingdom) is already here and in full operation now! Caring for an ill parent or child is proof of it. Doing the human thing for someone, even doing the humane thing for animals is proof of it.


The Christian apocalyptic teaching of God’s future return in judgment with an eternal hellfire waiting to punish anyone who does not believe their salvation theory is nothing but a “fizz!” (as a dear Australian friend calls it) The Father is already here! He has absolutely no intention of getting even or punishing his enemies, but only intends to love them, to forgive them endlessly, unconditionally. This is what “justice” means to the Father, our loving God. This is his message today and it always has been his message. He proved it in caring for the Hebrews who were far from being unconditionally loving as a nation. This accepting treatment is what turns us prodigals around. And those who do not turn around? Well, surprise! They will, finally, when they face a loving and accepting Creator at their death. Trust me. They will simply be a bit behind with experience on how to treat others kindly. But that will be OK and acceptable too, because they will then be learning on a fast track how to do it. The point is that no part of the Father’s image will be destroyed! The Father cannot even THINK “getting even” thoughts! So much for a “fall” story! AND so much for all those other horrible destruction stories of the OT which were blamed on God as well! They merely betray the punishment mindset of the writer who was seeking justification for such destructive behavior. This unconditional love is the very scandalous concept that folks who keep demanding a payback punishment find so difficult to lay claim to. It simply seems too unfair to them. Their kind of justice is payback punishment. Period! End of story!


The Christian interpretation of the cross event is nothing but a myth created to fit their payback punishment thinking! It hides the terrible and gruesome punishment and injustice that the religious establishment demanded for someone questioning and speaking out against their burdensome ways. Our Father, God, is our Savior God, not the Sage from Galilee. Placing Jesus in such a position, one who called himself bar Nasha (son of man), and who would not accept any higher title, is placing a person above his message. Nothing but idolatry really. And again, it hides the message. Besides, Jesus and you and I are already sons and daughters of the Father, our Savior God, and Creator of the universe. None of us can be placed any higher than that!


It was the Doctor of Law, Paul, who, in spite of a beautiful discourse on the meaning of love in one of his letters, led the earliest followers astray with his academic teaching of linking Jesus to a Christ/Messiah. They had already returned to Judaism, probably quite disappointed in Jesus’ brief leadership and demise. And two and three generations later, after the Romans had destroyed Jerusalem, the Temple, and surrounding Jewish settlements, the NT writers followed Paul’s original lead and placed their own spin on Paul’s Christ in their narratives. (Fortunately, many of Jesus’ sayings, recorded and passed on by unknown followers, were also used in those narratives. The key is to filter them through his message of the Father’s presence and generous unconditional love. The ones that do not fit this criteria are obvious additions from the writer’s mind who otherwise had only hearsay accounts to consider for his story.) In fact, the writer, John, took things to the next level by promoting Jesus to the One and the ONLY Son of God. Does that mean that we are not really his brothers and sisters after all? Is not God OUR Father too? Somebody is handing us a made-up story here.


Yes, any Marine can tell you what it is like to place himself in the enemy’s line of fire, even being willing to die for the sake our freedom, but God our Father is NOT the enemy in this cross event. He requires no payment, no sacrifice, especially at the unjust expense of another, remember? Jesus was a victim of the tyranny of the religious establishment and a weak civil government too frightened to stand up for real justice and for the protection of a simple teacher from the hill country with only twelve illiterate men and a few women in his company. What threat was he to the mightyRoman Empire and all its legions? The Jewish religious leaders could very well have been thrown out of Pilate’s presence on their behinds for their arrogance and shouting!


Near the end of all his needless and unjust suffering, bar Nasha still continued to show us the Father’s way: “Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.” Think on that for a minute. Forgiveness freely offered to his enemies under such circumstances! Now THAT is unconditional! And it is precisely why I expect to hear the same just and comforting remark from a loving Father, God, when I face that same walk through death. Jesus too was so convinced and conscious of the Father’s presence here and now that he was ready to take the walk through death, knowing that he would NOT be forsaken and that he would be freely accepted as a dear son of the Father himself, along with his forgiven “enemies”when their time came. So, now I also offer this: who needs a resurrection of the body? To what purpose? To be limited by time and space again? The resurrection idea was nothing but a Jewish dream brought home from their Eastern captivity and given yet another spin by NT writers. Again, it covers up the presence of the Father who will never forsake us, not even while we pass through death. Into where? There we go again, thinking time and space. Forget about where! Those who have experienced near death speak only of an indescribable existence. No words for it anyhow, so back to work here and now. So much to do yet.


The early church fathers confused the issue even more, much more, with further suppositions, and anyone who disagreed with their teachings was publicly burned, drowned, beheaded, or pulled apart. Some love that was! So once again, the people lived in fear. The fear of being an outcast for even the slightest unbelief, and the fear of death and eternal damnation, kept mouths shut then and such fears still keep mouths shut today! Church authority has managed to stifle vigorous growth and development of individual consciousness for some 2000 years, and that in all areas of life, all to its own benefit of course. Its effect on civil governments has been especially enormous. Worse, the message of the Father’s unconditional love and accepting presence among us, not least of all, his promise to care for and never leave us or forsake us, has been buried beneath the teachings of salvation, resurrection, second coming, hellfire, etc. ad nauseam, all covered under the notorious inspiration claim for the scriptures.


 So, in summary, you have heard what was written by these “holy” men, but I say to you: threatening words and ways do not come from our Father! Instead, words of love fill his presence among us. Just because the still, small voice of love is barely heard among all the shouting and screaming of tyranny, do not underestimate its resolve and ultimate value to all humankind.


This message of unconditional love calls all religious authority into question, I know. And a lot of government authority too for that matter. This message may even be downright offensive to many. I am well aware of that too. But I’ll stake my life on its authenticity! Our Father does not lie like men do. Although it too is surprising and also scandalous to many, his present kingdom of empathy for all here and now pales in comparison to what is in store for us all one day. Death is merely a hand-in-hand walk with him into an even greater surprise which is already prepared and waiting for us all, his dear children, whom he loves more than we can ever imagine. We are more than meat and blood and bones, and the Father’s consciousness within, an integral part of our very personhood and being, patiently waits for us to come to that conclusion. The evidence is overwhelming when you think about it.


 Henry Hasse ~ June 1, 2012



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