Made for Change

Change is inevitable. There is nothing more sure than change. Nothing stays the same. Time does not stand still. Old always makes room for new. Improvement is bound to happen. Things always go from bad to better when given half a chance. Everything evolves. Change is natural.

Turning back history is impossible to do. Even going home does not find things the same. Nothing is as it once was if you really look hard enough. You will find that they are either worn out in some way or have been replaced. Everything looks smaller than it did when you were a child, and the corner drug store with its soda fountain is gone. What used to be a favorite place is now a parking lot.

Chasing memories of the past is a false dream. Moving forward toward the unknown is the real dream. It is reality with a plan to make things better. Yes, it is like heading into uncharted seas or looking for greener pastures. It is escaping slavery or abuse or tyranny. It is being filled with hope at the outset. It is seeking liberty and freedom and relief all in one.

When things do go from bad to worse, always know that it is only temporary. You or someone out there can make things better. Progress will always follow regress.

It is also good to know that there are really only two choices to make at any specific time of your life, so do not confuse yourself with more than two. There are never more than two roads to take, one back to the past and one to the future. Since you will either be leading or following, it is also wise to know where you are headed or where your leader is taking you.

Which way are you going? Are you returning toward slavery, abuse, and tyranny or are you moving on to liberty and freedom and prosperity? Do not be distracted by temporary setbacks on the way. Just know where you will ultimately arrive, and know that it will take no small effort to get there.

And above all, do not fall for the smooth high-sounding words that cover up a hidden agenda for you. Test the spirit of the matter. Examine the purpose with great care. Deception usually takes great pains to hide itself. It may even promise more than it could possible have in its pocket without robbing from another first. Promises that must take from one in order to give to another are false promises and end in tyranny again.

Stay thirsty, but evaluate the source of the flowing waters. Be willing to change, but only to the better result, the one that benefits both you and your neighbor, as well as your neighborhood. Use your environment wisely, with benevolent thoughtfulness, and it will replenish itself for you. Destroying it with greed and useless abandon benefits no one. Remember, it is not a god to be worshiped. It is a resource to be used. We are not it’s enemy. We are it’s caretakers.

So, change is a sure thing, but it is ever dual when you think about it. If you do not choose, then someone else will, and who can tell what change he might bring? It may end up growling at your doorstep. At least you know your dream, your hope. You can choose to make things better! Good ideas are the seeds of a great consciousness within you. Freedom. Liberty. Relief. Remember? And not least of all, responsibility! Not only to your neighbors, but also to the environment itself.

My Canadian friend, Wendell Krossa, writes:

“It is perfectly natural that humanity improves its environment. This will change wilderness to a more domesticated environment. In the extreme environmental vision, there should be no humans and all the world should be covered in wilderness. This is an unattainable utopia of a human-hating “religion.” This extremism believes humanity is eliminating all wilderness and claims we are emptying the oceans of fish, destroying all forests, eliminating most species, and destroying all other resources.

“Consciousness has given us this ability to humanize life and with this responsibility we have the right to improve all life and the world. We have an awareness of something better and we continue to seek that better future. We can see what is less than human, and creatively seek something better. Where something is less than human we will make it better. The overall evidence is that we are doing well in our relationship with nature. We have not produced decline but have created rise and progress.”

More on change and the contrasting stories (retreating vs. moving forward)  from my Australian friend, Bob Brinsmead:

“I started thinking about the way the Bible unfolds this Exodus/Promised land story. We have to admit, that before it progresses to the vision of the prophets there was some pretty gory violent stuff at the beginnings of this story – but as it unfolds it gets more and more humane. In the prophets, the Promised Land even expands to take in the whole world, and Egypt and Assyria are said to God’s sons too, the same as Israel.  In other words, it was vision of humanizing the world, not the next world as in Christian apocalyptic or even Jewish apocalyptic which came from their Eastern captivity. Rather, the task was to humanize this world.  What happened in Apocalyptic is that it substituted the next world for this world! And it spiritualized the dream of the Promised Land.  It can’t be emphasized enough that the focus of the prophets (and Jesus) was on this world rather than the hereafter.

“What the Apocalyptic did was to do away with the historical. Apocalyptic Christianity did away with the historical Jesus too.

“Now here is the point. Apocalyptic, especially apocalyptic Christianity, starts out looking like a lamb but ends up speaking like a dragon! In contrast to the story of the Exodus that starts out soaked in a lot of violence and progresses to something more humane, apocalyptic starts real gentle and peaceful looking like Christian religion – wouldn’t’ kill a fly, gentle martyrs and all the rest – but it turns out very violent, killing more people than any religion in the history of man. (Islam has a long way to go to catch up here.) And look where it all ends – with blood up to the horse’s bridle, and treading out the peoples of earth like grapes in a winepress. While only a little believing insider group survive, the rest are swept into a fiery pit of unbelievable ferocity! But where does the Promised Land vision of the Exodus end? – As a very humane one indeed, with even the wild predators lying with the lamb and eating straw like an ox.”

Henry Hasse ~ June 4, 2012

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