Essence of the Transcendent vs. Injustice

The Transcendent Deity chose to reveal a modicum of its essence through its creativity. That revelation in itself is astounding enough to humanity because there seems to be no end to possible discoveries related to a developing creation before our eyes.

But there is something even greater than our awesome biological makeup and our infinite surroundings (each offered to engage our minds) that begs to be discovered. What is it that is so awesome? It is the loving justice of the Deity, namely, its scandalous unconditional love for humanity in spite of humanity’s prodigal choices, especially when we choose to be unjust to each other by demanding a payback justice rather than a forgiving justice given without cost like the Deity does.

We call such love and justice “scandalous” because it is totally unexpected by humans. It is absolutely surprising to hear of it and experience the relief of it! It is free to everyone, and has no conditions or requirements attached to it. It demands no sacrifices or payments by humans in order to be worthy of receiving it. It only implores us to be merciful. And finally, it even allows for making choices, whether good or bad. It was, and still is, willing to take that risk rather than create mindless robots that cannot learn from mistakes.

From the beginning there have always been two very contrasting ways of life for humans to choose from. One was the example of the Deity’s rich goodness gifted to humans for their enjoyment and use, more than enough to share the same with each other. The other way was a total misunderstanding of the Deity and its ways. Instead of seeing all the goodness around them, some chose to see only the natural disasters of their changing environment, including the very natural wearing out and deaths of creatures and humans. And their wrong conclusion was that such disasters were punishments from an angry deity. This faulty thinking led to tyrants such as shamans and priests taking control with their “holy” words and rituals to appease such deities. As one might expect, they soon began to act like their contrived deity by handing out punishments for disobedience to their words.

One way of life is loving and forgiving or accepting; and the other is punishing and extremely religious or tyrannical. One serves its family and neighbors; and the other is self-serving. One proclaims the comforting message of the Galilean Sage from Nazareth; and the other proclaims the assumed saving act of the “Christ” of Paul and the gospel writers. One proclaims that the Deity never even presented a bill of debt; and the other makes a bloody payment to a demanding deity. One is true justice personified; and the other is inhuman and unjust. One reflects the Deity which dwells among humanity to this day; and the other grossly misunderstands and misrepresents the Deity. One is a light to the world; and the other, well, it attempts to snuff out every little gleaming candle lit by love.

One way of life is free to explore the creation and to love even its enemies; and the other is very religious, exclusive, and demanding like many forms of Christianity. One practices real love and lives it; and the other only talks about love as a duty and calls love a law.

Henry Hasse – July 31, 2013

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  1. What is truth? Who has it?

    • A fair question. The Roman Gov. Pilate asked that very question too while the historical Jesus of Nazareth stood before him for taking a whip to those who had turned the Temple into an animal flea market with loud selling and haggling over their high-priced sacrificial goods. Jesus’ message had been all about a generous forgiving Father-like God who did not demand any sacrificial payment of any kind for human prodigal behavior. For all the noise and thievery going on, how could anyone be prayerfully thankful to such a Deity? Pilate openly wondered who was right. Who had the truth here? The complaining Temple Leaders who accused Jesus of publicly blaspheming their “holy” law that demanded sacrifices to appease an angry deity? Or did this unimportant looking hill-country sage have the truth of the matter that his Deity never required sacrifices for payment of sin. Hmmm. You will need to decide for yourself. But do not be fooled by the claims of the churchmen (Paul and the gospel writers) a generation and two later who reversed Jesus’ comforting message of a very present accepting and loving Father-God among us here and now into a demanding sky-deity who required a bloody perfect-human (Christ) sacrifice for payment of human sins, and then added to that the threat of his return to punish anyone who did not believe their claim of salvation by throwing them into an everlasting hellfire. — Doesn’t sound anything like the loving forgiving Father-God the historical Jesus told about. Just saying, I think I’ll stick to Jesus’ message instead of the “Christ” vision of Paul. Jesus’ message was precisely the same as the compassionate message of the OT pre-captivity prophets, and he was murdered for it just like they were.

      • But you forgot to answer the question!
        ; let me ask it differently: Is the Bible true? You quote it sometimes; is it some truth? All truth? What qualifies as truth? Even in science no idea becomes a law until it is tried, tested, loopholes looked for, a theory at first……then it is considered truth and indisputable. Evolution is still a theory because they don’t have enough indisputable evidence. Einstein’s theory of relativity has been believed to be true for a long time by everybody and was just recently made into a law. It’s hard to call it the Law of relativity, isn’t it!

        I’m looking for common ground!

      • The Christian Bible does contain some truth hidden among all the weeds of payback punishment ideas of its writers. Jesus called them pearls to be searched for. He used OT pearls that spoke of the Father’s compassion and forgiving love. Everything else was like a useless weed patch trying to choke out such love with retaliation. A fine grouping of his thoughts on this subject is found in Matt 5:38-48 while most of the previous words where weeds that Matthew (a late 1st century theologian) planted. Jesus denied the use of “an eye for an eye” punishment mindset as being truth just because it was written in scripture. Later, a NT writer threw in some weed seeds that claimed “ALL scripture was inspired by God.” (a major power move by the church!) Jesus would have said, “That’s BS!” He would have said the same about Paul’s vision of a “Christ.” You are correct about scientific evidence finally proving theory as truth. BTW, astrophysics would even question Einstein’s “law” today because of the string theory and the quantum mechanics theory. So what is truth? God is love and chose to live among and in us rather than out there somewhere. THAT accepting presence is God’s idea of justice! Payback justice, including Paul’s salvation vision worked out through his “Christ” is BS! It is a myth. It does not fit in with the essence of a loving forgiving Father-God. Paul’s Arabian desert vision (some 25-30 years years after Jesus) clever as it was to present to a mythological Roman culture, was nothing but apocalyptic nonsense in new clothes. And the gospel writers swallowed it hook, line, and sinker 50 to 100 years later.

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