Attention to the Sayings

“And here is an issue to think over and find some good responses for…. Good, moral people refuse to believe that you can just forgive and forget. Christians notably have a hard time with this in regard to God. A holy God cannot just forgive and forget, but must properly punish wrong. There must be payment, punishment, atonement. As a friend of RB’s has said, ‘You cannot just forgive and forget.’ How would you respond to this concern?

“However, this is exactly what Jesus advocates.

“But religious people cannot get around this. Sure, we must not retaliate, they claim (just as Jesus told us), but like Paul we should heap coals upon other’s heads, and leave God to take vengeance. So they resolve this unconditional forgiveness thing by delaying the payback to later when God will take vengeance. So nothing will be ultimately forgiven and forgotten. Every hidden thing will be judged and punished properly.

“How do you reason and explain to others that Jesus was on about just forgiving and forgetting with no ultimate payback? Unconditional really means unconditional. No conditions. No requirements. No payment or punishment ever.”


Excellent points and questions! I shall try to bring on some peace.

First, religious folks need to see clearly that God’s unconditional love requires absolutely no punishment whatsoever, only mercy, and no sacrifice for prodigal behavior. They need to be overwhelmed by the good news of this astounding love for them. And this can finally happen by repeating the message in many different ways. In other words, use a “media” blitz of God’s loving forgiving justice in place of using the lies of a get-even/punishing mindset.

Second, that kind of love exposes the church’s salvation message as a myth. And it uncovers the historical fact that Jesus was actually murdered for teaching the Father’s loving message which then became an immediate threat to the Jewish Temple religion and its priestly mediators. In spite of being the final authority on this matter before his court, the Roman Governor was a participant in this murder. He used the cover-up excuse of a strong possibility that Jesus was leading another rebellion. Besides, it finally shut up the Jewish religious leaders who were hounding him about their laws which he could care less about. The lie satisfied the Governor’s troubled conscience for passing a death sentence on an innocent man. But it was murder any way you look at it.

Third, Jesus’ gruesome death did NOT pay for humanity’s sins! God had no such salvation plan! Nor would a loving Father ever participate in such an evil deed. So far as the Father/God was concerned, there were no sins to pay for in the first place, and there never were from the very beginning. The Father’s forgiveness is such that what is forgiven is also forgotten – totally – as if unjust harmful behavior never even happened! Not that God is blind to our prodigal behavior or even approves of it. Rather, the Father’s love for all his children is so very great that nothing but a complete forgive-and-forget-ness is the one and only thing that brings relief to both himself and to us. (Read that again and think about it as a “double blessing.”) That is why the Father needs NO sacrificial payment, especially a bloody one, something that would be participating in the injustice.

Again, that two-fold relief of tension, which is initiated by God, is the one and only thing that brings on an authentic behavioral change in us while also generating a smile of approval from the Father – because we finally get it! Treating everyone with mercy and loving forgiveness is what God does in all circumstances. It is the Father’s way.

“I will put my way into their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. – because I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” – Jer. 31

Fourth, all the above makes the whole apocalyptic Revelation prediction of a worrisome end-time judgment and a hellish payback for unbelief in the religious salvation mythology a complete hoax!

Fifth, living with and then mirroring the Father’s loving presence while hearing his promise to never leave us or forsake us, not even during our death experience, – well, who needs a resurrection myth to hope for under those circumstances? Besides, death was never a punishment in the first place. It just happens naturally when our bodily functions finally wear out or succumb to disease. Our bodies were given to us to use while we are here, in the Father’s “school-house” and his “school-yard.” Ha! The here and now is merely the beginning of our adventure in learning with the Father! Beyond saying more than that would be pure speculation.

Sixth, the most important thing to remember is to just keep your ears and your minds on what Jesus said concerning our Father’s love for us – and then keep your eyes off Jesus. Just pay close attention to the comforting message from our Father that Jesus discovered. The message is the real liberating thing! And the messenger? Well, he was just a Galilean Sage who was murdered for his “scandalous” message of God’s real justice. But that message brought no small comfort to oppressed humans. It still does.

Hank Hasse – August 23, 2013

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