Getting God Right

We need to trash the unjust payback mindset of history.

Many of the first humans got things all wrong.

They missed the whole point of life getting better.

They did not discover the creative gift within their minds to help them cope.

Their environment was beautiful, but it was also challenging.

Rather than recognize their own abilities to overcome the challenges of life, they did not respond to the stimulation and chose instead to see them as dangerous life-threatening things to be feared.

Instead of hearing the better ideas of some among them, most humans chose to learn from their animal neighbors who had no such ability to think things through and solve problems. Only the most fit among the animals survived.

Only a few humans seemed to think otherwise and saw the goodness of an unknown Creator who gave them life and the liberty to pursue their happiness through their creativity to produce products for themselves and for others. They made things better for everyone around them, just as their Creator had done for them. Whether these few actually understood all these concepts is not the point here. They just followed this successful way of life and enjoyed it. It worked for them, so they kept doing it and taught their children to do the same.

In time their success stories would reveal a loving Creator.

But many other humans did not get it!

Most used force-of-strength to get what they wanted. Instead of producing their own needs, they unjustly took those things from others, even if it involved murder.

Families rose up against families and tribes against tribes.

But there were always a few who escaped to live a peaceful life somewhere far away from the turmoil in the region.

Many tribes looked to the bravest and strongest among them for leadership and revenge. Tribal authority was also seized by the most religious shaman among them.

Worse, the shaman concluded and taught that an all-powerful diety was the cause of the surrounding natural disasters and attacks from other tribes. So now they had an entity to be feared as well, as if the entity was out to get them. And that conclusion led to finding ways to appease that angry god – rituals, offerings, and finally, bloody animal sacrifices and then human sacrifices.

Outcomes of wars between tribes and then nations were said to be determined by who had the most powerful and/or the most appeased god.

But again, there always seemed to be a few whose God was an unconditional loving God, the One who was compassionate, caring, accepting, merciful, and forgiving, no matter what.

Those who had such a loving God and taught his way of life challenged the payback mindset of a demanding sacrificial god, and they challenged the priestly mediators of such a god as well. Unfortunately, they were usually murdered for their “unbelief” and their “blasphemy.”

The OT pre-captivity Prophets, the Galilean Sage, and countless other nameless souls met such a fate during the two millennia since the Jewish Babylonian/Persian captivity.

Since that captivity, still another fear had been added to the religious mindset of ancient payback justice. It is the alarmist fear of an Apocryphal end-time judgment and a hellish payback punishment for unbelief in a salvation myth. It proclaims the return of their angry Savior-god who will get even with his enemies.

The ancient myth of an angry deity punishing disobedient humans, the ancient payback justice myth, the Mid-Eastern salvation myth of Zoroaster, the adapted salvation myth of Paul and Christianity and their myths of resurrection and a coming judgment day, are all conditional and myths based on fear of threats.

I am convinced that the “unconditional” gospel of the historical Jesus, the “son of man” or “human one,” just like the accepting-compassionate-forgiving “mercy” gospel of the OT pre-captivity Prophets, along with the Father’s promise to never leave us or forsake us, not even in death – all this is the real good news of our Father. Their discovery has become my comforting discovery as well.

We tend to be unheard amongst all the clamor of the payback alarmists so willing to clear the earth by force of the “unfair weakness” that we represent. The elder brother of the Prodigal Son thought the same.

The answer? Never give up! Never submit to the force of threats! Disregard their threats! Keep whispering the Father’s justice. No matter what, be like Abba would be. Do what Abba would do. Forgive evil injustices. Represent God. Be his sons and daughters. Be human. Be creative. Be productive. Make things better. Enjoy life.

Let’s get God right!

Henry Hasse – September 1, 2013

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