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I simply cannot shut up about what I have learned concerning our Father, especially when I am confronted with a misrepresentation of him or of one of our brothers and sisters, each of which are his dearly loved children.

On the way in to work this morning, I read a church sign, “Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords!”

When is the church going to get over making up something about a lowly Galilean peasant who insisted on being called nothing but “the human one?”

The Galilean’s earth-shaking and comforting message of our unconditional (no sacrifice, no punishment, no payback, absolutely no retaliation) loving and forgiving Father whose ever-present acceptance among us is just too much for the church’s payback mindset I suppose. They manage to misrepresent our Father and then they misrepresent one of our brothers, the historical Jesus.

They claim that God got even with our prodigal behavior by punishing his son, and that God’s Son will use an ever-lasting hellfire to punish any humans who do not trust his salvation justice.

Where did this nonsense come from? You might say, “The Holy Bible, of course!”

But did you know that the pre-captivity Prophets declared the same comforting words that the historical Jesus used? They spoke of a God filled with compassion and mercy, especially for the oppressed, a God that never required sacrifice. They knew nothing of a Fall of all mankind and the punishment of death.

(Death was merely a natural occurrence for all living creatures. It was around long before God added humans to his creation. Fossils prove that fact. Ancients only assumed that it was the punishment of some sky-god, along with earthquakes, storms, floods, volcanic activity, and other natural disasters. They missed all the goodness and all the opportunities surrounding them and concentrated on an animal-like retaliation/payback mindset instead.)

The starting point for the pre-captivity Prophets was the dream of Moses for an Exodus of the Hebrew people from tyranny and oppression into freedom filled with exciting possibilities in a new land. The Galilean’s dream was very similar for all humanity.

And did you know that during the Babylonian/Persian captivity, the priests learned about the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and adapted many parts of it into the Jewish religion which had been established with many laws and rituals soon after Aaron first led the Hebrews astray? The Fall, punishment of death, salvation plan accomplished through a messiah figure, resurrection of the body after a “sleep,” end-time judgment, and a hellish payback for unbelief all became part of the OT Jewish Torah.

Many Jewish “Messiahs” rebelled against the tyranny of the Greeks and the Romans but failed in their efforts over the next six centuries. Their rebellions only ended in further tyranny and the slaughter of Jewish people.

That was the climate the historical Jesus grew up in. And yet, he taught no retaliation but rather acceptance, forgiveness, and love for all. He was soon murdered for that “blasphemy” and accused of starting another rebellion in order to get Romans to carry out the punishment.

Paul eventually became a Doctor of the accusing and punishing Jewish Torah theology. His letters written around 50 CE use this nonsense to turn his mysterious desert vision of a “Christ” into what would later become the theology of Christianity. Jesus’ brother James and the fisherman Peter never did accept Paul’s new salvation theology.

Few are aware that the NT narratives were written one and two generations after Paul’s letters. Those writers used Paul’s ideas, hearsay accounts of the Galilean, and ideas of their own to construct the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Only a very few words of Jesus’ real comforting message and parables are found in Matthew and Luke who had copied most of Mark’s narrative, actually written by several Roman writers, well after Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed (69-70 CE) and after many Jews had been slaughtered, including many followers of the real Gospel message of Jesus.

There were many bitter arguments and divisions among the early church’s bishops during the next two to three centuries, but they finally agreed on the books and letters for their official Bible and on the person and work of their newly invented “Christ.”

Note well that their creeds mention absolutely nothing of the historical Jesus’ comforting message of our Father’s unconditional love for all humans, the REAL justice of our Father. Unbelief in the Christian message of salvation soon became reason enough to accuse and punish disobedient humans with various gruesome death penalties, all in the name of following their God’s holy words of judgment found in their Bible.

Although this church tyranny continued for many centuries, the comforting inner whisper of an unconditional loving Father continued to find its way into human consciousness. It is quietly spreading around the world and people are beginning to fearlessly question and challenge the Bible’s accusing and retaliating words similar to “an eye for an eye” just as the historical Jesus rejected them.

The dream of freedom and better times is alive and well among humans everywhere! It is our Father’s dream as well! And his patience is endless while his love grows here and there.

Remember also that our Father has promised to never leave us or forsake us, not even in death. Consider that for a while and then have no fear of death, only a door into another existence which our Father intends to surprise us with. It will finally happen that tyranny will reign no more among us!

Henry Hasse
Lakeland, Florida
October 9, 2013

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