Think More Like God

Too many folks have forgotten (perhaps they never learned it) that our country was first settled by people who escaped the tyranny of religion. They not only believed in freedom OF religion but also in freedom FROM religion.

In America, under our Constitution, we enjoy the right to believe as we please. And we have the right to share that belief publicly with anyone willing to listen and consider what we believe.

But that privilege does not give us the right to threaten and eventually punish those who do not accept our beliefs. That would be tyranny again, the very thing our founders escaped from.

Unfortunately, the very nature of any religion carries with it the need to threaten and finally punish outsiders. Study any of them and their histories. Notice their demands. And learn their methods of punishment. At least they are no longer allowed to publicly whip, burn, drown, stone, hang, behead, etc. in America. But they have more subtle methods of punishment.

All this threatening also keeps members in line and discourages questions.

Heretics, unbelievers, outsiders and their like are barred from membership, ridiculed, generally ostracized, and threatened with a judgment and a hellish payback punishment in the end.
Fundamentalist, Orthodox, Radical, and Extremist religions, even GLAAD groups, are especially outspoken concerning their beliefs, and they are always ready to demand some sort of punishment for anyone who disagrees with them.

The Duck Dynasty father and founder, Phil Robertson, recently pushed his brand of Christianity and its threats of a hellish punishment for unbelief in Christ’s salvation payment for sin, including homosexuality and other sinful behaviors as mentioned in the Bible. To his credit, he also spoke of love and forgiveness, but the threats of punishment in hell were already out of the bag. He claimed to make no judgment and added that God would judge in the end. Typical sidestep – like passing judgment off to God makes judgment OK. Some comfort that is with the threat of hell still hanging in the air!

Love and forgiveness and acceptance are non-judgmental. God is non-judgmental. Always has been from the beginning. Retaliation and punishment would not even enter God’s mind. God’s thoughts are purely humane thoughts. He patiently waits for humans to begin thinking like him. What people think governs what people do. When people think more like God, they will do more like God.

A certain Galilean peasant taught the above and challenged the Jewish scriptures for saying otherwise. (an eye for an eye) And the NT scriptures need to be challenged for saying otherwise as well. Their teaching of an end-time judgment and hell does not fit with Jesus’ teaching of our Father’s unconditional love for all humanity.

Retaliation is the opposite of God’s way.

When will people learn that tyranny does not work when trying to establish and maintain human relationships? Threats of punishment will never build anything!

Under freedom, human interactions always leave room for growth and development through mutual acceptance of each other’s right to own their personal beliefs, beliefs which may then be only temporary as they learn more and more along life’s journey.

Always remember that the opposite of love is fear. Love and hatred are choices so close to each other that humans get them confused at times. But if what is called “love” retaliates and conjures up fear, it is not love at all. It is hatred.

Henry Hasse ~ December 29, 2013

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