Let Love and Freedom Rule

The historical Jesus got it!

Our Father’s unconditional love for humanity has no strings attached to it. No ifs. No belief requirements. It is meant to set humans free – free to love: free to accept others, free to forgive self and free to forgive others, free to give others permission to be free, free to be humanely human.

Divine justice is scandalous to a religious mindset which is based on retaliation.

To be truly human a person must first discover and then claim their freedom. Animals are incapable of doing that. Only humans can be truly free through the Divine gift of self-consciousness. It’s a Divine Presence within each and every one of us which yearns to be so discovered and claimed. When freedom prevails, astounding things occur – ideas, creativity, productivity, trade, discoveries, and on and on.

Let love and freedom rule. Five words say it all.

It’s the very nature of a belief system (i.e. religious, ideological) to conform, to limit freedom – all must think according to the system. And the pressure to conform is enforced with threats of punishment and hell or enticements of utopia and heaven.

All this is something fresh to those of us who have been brought up in religious traditions – to be true to oneself, to claim one’s personal freedom, to forgive and love one’s self, to know one’s true self are all discouraged. Only your sinful worthlessness and the crucifix is held before your eyes.

Religious orientation also subsumes one’s self to the larger group. People are coerced to not be selfish but to subject their identity to the collective, to the state, to the church. Freedom is diminished and creativity and production is squelched.

When the historical Jesus discovered a Presence within him bearing the gifts of love and freedom, his core message became like a Light to show humans the way of our Father. It became his very life and reality, his mission, to share our Father’s dream for humanity.

Question authority. Shine on!

HH ~ February 2014

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