Liberty & Freedom

Just thinking about Liberty and how it allows for the freedom to make mistakes.

There are sensible safety rules that loving adults share with their growing children. You know them.

Unfortunately, some adults are too paranoid, and some are too ready to mistrust, threaten, punish, senselessly remove the child’s freedom, and set horrible examples for children to learn from.

It is not easy to be free. Freedom requires great personal responsibility. Freedom is Liberty’s child. Freedom is many things, such as hanging on to your own acceptance, unconditional loving forgiveness, and then accepting and unconditionally forgiving another’s harmful ways toward you and loving them anyhow.

This is the only way to change yourself and others: no atonement, no guilt, no threats, no payback, no punishment for you or your enemies.

This is and has been ABBA’s loving way from the beginning. This is ABBA’s justice! This was the liberating message that the Galilean, the real historical Jesus of Nazareth, taught and lived among his oppressed neighbors. It set them free to go out and do as he did to others. It set them free to learn to be like ABBA while still learning from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Compare the above Jesus with the “Christ” of Paul and the NT writers.

The Galilean taught that ABBA was always near us and in us, and would never leave us. Not even death can separate ABBA from being a part of us.

But Paul’s “Christ” is completely opposite. You know all the ways. And Paul’s “Christ” was embellished even more ways by the Church during the next four centuries. You know those ways too and you have confessed or sung those ways.

Those ways threaten eternal punishment by having “Christ” come in judgement to send unbelievers to that hellfire punishment. You know all about that too.

Does that sound anything like ABBA’s ways that the real historical Jesus of Nazareth (not Bethlehem) taught and lived in his parables? What about his core teaching still hiding among all the NT weeds: Matt 5:38-48?

Little wonder he was murdered by Church and Roman authorities! ABBA’s ways of a loving justice were a threat to mankind’s justice of payback punishment!

Think about the Liberty that ABBA offers to you. Think about the freedom you have from guilt and oppression. Think about how your forgiving justice, with no strings attached, could change things starting with your family, friends, and neighborhood. Think about how far ABBA’s love could reach among us.

My eternal love to you,

Henry Hasse ~ July 10,2014

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