“Holy” Words Control Psyches

Jihad is in the air, in the news, and on the minds of people living in fear. It means “the struggle against evil.” It is based on the “eye for an eye” metaphor which demands retaliation and maintaining strength to establish peace. Negotiation, statesmanship, and mutual agreement for the benefit of all are off the table. All that matters is controlling another person’s, group’s, nation’s concept of “evil” which is always centered on “holy” words found in their “holy book.”

Only interpretations of their Biblicism differ among the three major religions of the world today (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) as leaders in each attempt to control the psyches of their followers. And the more fundamental their interpretation is, the more anxious they are to satisfy their need to destroy their “evil” enemies to effect peace and to appease their monster deity who requires a punishing justice for disobedience and/or unbelief in its vicious master plan of atonement for their salvation.

What has a chance to overcome all of the above?

Rejection! Rejection of Biblicism, rejection of religion, rejection of the “eye for an eye” metaphor of justice, rejection of a monster deity and its vicious master plan of atonement for humanity’s salvation, rejection of fear.

But especially becoming conscious of the presence of an Ultimate Goodness that patiently yearns to be discovered among humanity and then shared with all as an unconditionally loving and accepting and as an endlessly forgiving and compassionate ABBA-like deity who understands the slow growthp of consciousness in all its prodigal sons and daughters.

Love conquers fear! Love liberates! Love allows for freedom to the benefit of all. Initiative and creativity and productivity are fruits of Love.

See Micah 7:18-20 for a brief on ABBA, my deity of Ultimate Love & Goodness.

– H Hasse
Sept. 30, 2014

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