Incredible Experience

Here you are…unconditional love is very real indeed! And what we can mirror here and now is merely a hint of that which is in store for us!

I think that the Galilean Teacher from Nazareth must have had a similar experience and could not shut up about telling stories that taught as much. Home-town folks, even family, thought he was out of his mind for teaching that such a loving Ultimate Goodness (ABBA) really exists among us… especially in spite of the oppression all around them – and in view of what WE see in the news reports from around the world.

I say, never mind the alarmists! They are wrong 100% of the time and always have been throughout history. It is much better to be “out of your mind” like the Galilean and me! Dare to question the “holy inspired” Scriptures. Dare to use your God-given higher intelligence to question “authorities.” Dare to be anti-Christ in your thinking! (Yes, Paul’s theology and the theology of the other NT writers who followed him was mostly wrong too!) Dare to think that humanity’s Fall, the need for atonement with a vengeful “deity,” the need for religious rituals, and the threat of an everlasting punishing hell for unbelief in atonement are nothing but nonsensical myths, all the results of human fears merely appearing real.

We have absolutely nothing to fear from ABBA!

Henry Hasse ~ November 7, 2014

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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Discovering Flashes of Unconditional Love Among Us

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