Absolutely No Conditions!

Whatever you believe is your business. In this country it is your right to choose any religious dogma you wish to live by. And it is your right to even express your beliefs publicly if you so desire. But please do not attempt to force your beliefs on me by belittling me for my beliefs or by passing judgement on me for believing as I do. Threatening me and sharing your fears for my future really turn me off! – And physically harming me in the name of some monster deity is not allowed in America.

I understand where many of you are within your belief systems because I used to teach the same things with great conviction. Several of you sat in my classroom and some of you were colleagues of mine.

However, as you probably know by now, my beliefs have completely changed.

I would not trade the comfort, relief, and peace that passes all understanding for discovering the consciousness of an accepting, forgiving, and unconditionally (with no conditions or stipulations) loving presence of an Ultimate Goodness that will NEVER (No exaggeration with this promise!) leave me, not even in death!

I totally depend upon that upside-down discovery which was relentlessly taught by the Galilean peasant, the historical Jesus, (and which was also the cause of his demise), and which still is contrary to any and all religious atonement (blood-offering) dogma vicariously given by a conjured up vision of a “Messiah/Christ,” as-well-as the apocalyptic judgement/eternal hellish punishment-for-unbelief dogma, both of which are meant to appease some imaginary monster sky-deity for humanity’s original disobedience.

I know that this really good news to me may trouble some of you because it may challenge your current belief system just as it did mine at first. That is, it did until it convinced me to “fear not!” This news concerning the eternal kindness and generosity of a loving Creator who knows our individual human imperfections and STILL chooses to accept and live among us is indeed amazing! (It was a scandal to the Prodigal Son’s judgmental brother, remember? – because his kind of justice was the payback kind, not the “no strings attached” forgiving kind of loving justice shown by his father.)

So, please reconsider your current belief system, especially if you believe its dogma only because of fearing the eternal consequences for not believing it.

Henry Hasse ~ January 8, 2015

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